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Our family has an annual tradition of getting together with the family of my dad’s college roommate for the Super Bowl. My dad and his buddy Ron have watched every Super Bowl since Super Bowl III except for one when my mom was sick. Unfortunately, it looks like this year might be a wash due to this snow. So I’m not sure what I’m gonna do. Anyways, here’s a quiz on Super Bowl goats I think you might dig. Oh, and I’m rooting for the Saints. You?

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      1. As a child of the Enlightenment, I'm way past the belief that the earth is flat. I also believe in the scientific method and the concept of rigorous peer review in science, which is why I question the preachings of the global warming proponents who have shown themselves to be both corrupt and very non-scientific in their methodology.

        If “scientists” are found to have doctored their data to fit a preconceived theory, have somehow mysteriously “lost” data so that their calculations and methodology cannot be verified by the peer review process, and on top of that have been caught in a corrupt attempt to discredit and silence any and all criticism, any person who claims to be rational and scientific in his approach to life should be almost deafened by the alarm bells going off one after another. But not you lefties. You've got your story worked out, and you're sticking to it. Twenty foot waves washing over Manhattan here we come. You global warming hypsters are going to be extinct long before the polar bears.

        1. And if people who on one side of an issue lie and make up shit about scientists doctoring data that never actually happened, and keep repeating that lie even when it's been debunked time and time again, then someone who is rational and scientific can assume that they are liars and full of shit, and everything they said about the original issue is probably wrong too.

          Nice job, though, slandering good scientists and falsely accusing them of being corrupt.

          1. So the emails from East Anglia don't exist? It was all a big hoax. And the UN scandal about the Himalayan glaciers was also manufactured out of whole cloth. You the one who has “flat earth” beliefs. Just tell me what to believe and I'll believe it. I'm a liberal and a progressive. Whoopee!

          2. Are you talking about the email scandal? That showed global warming denialists are a bunch of lying thieves who will hack into private emails, then take a bunch of lines out of context to make in seem like they say something that they really don't in order to try and discredit good scientists. I hardly see how this supports your ridiculous conspiracy theory.

            But no, every reputable climatologist in the world in a conspiracy to make up global warming in order to do something – why is never clear. Just like NASA faked the moon landing; scientists made up evolution, the big bang, heliocentrism and the round Earth; and the Jews invented the holocaust.

          3. Reputable climatologists and scientists do question the exaggerated claims of the global warming crowd. They apparently posed such a threat to the East Anglia crowd that they felt it necessary to conspire to silence them. That was very definitely shown by the hacked emails. And I don't know how you can take obvious references to denying funding to other scientists who disagree with you and suggestions to deny them access to peer reviewed journals “out of context.”

            But why am I arguing with you? You're a person who has stated to me that MSNBC, the station of Chris Mathews and Keith Olbermann, is “right wing.” You've also stated that Republicans pose a larger terrorist threat than Islamic radicals. You have a rather unique world view, and I am not interested in wasting my time exploring it any further. Cheerio!

          4. Because they didn't say any such thing, you idiot. Non-scientist cranks are not “other scientists who disagree with you.”

            But then, yeah, you're stupid enough to think the right-wing media is liberal. Hey, you bring up MSNBC – but then mention the conservative Matthews, the man who got weird man-crushes on several of the Repubican candidates for president last year, as a counter-example, so that kind of disproves the point you're pretending to try to make.

  1. Man, after ignoring Bob's ignorance for months, I simply cannot help myself.

    Bob, there is a diference between weather and climate. As the Greenland icepack is melting catastrophicly and all of a sudden Australian waters are filled with icebergs because West Antarctica is melting, global warming is real.

    Don't worry, even when we achieve the Soylent Green world you so desperately long for (and hopefully, they will scoop you up to make that tasty treat), there still will be winter. And we may have snowstorms…indeed, there could well be more of them. But just don't buy any shore property or, for that matter, decide to live in any coastal city.

    Helluva snowstorm, though. Just finished digging out and I am seriously sore. In the spirit of the time of Obama, I did slip a neighborhood kid a 20 to help me.

  2. Thanks so much for the explanation, my genius friend. I'll note in passing though that every time we have cold weather, you global-warming-we-have-to-take-over-the-whole-economy-to-save-the-planet enthusiasts lecture us poor benighted folks about the difference between climate and weather. When we have heat waves, however, not so. They are generally attributed to global warming and you lecture us about how we should expect even more sever heat waves in the future. When we have hurricanes, global warming causes severe storms. When we have several years without severe hurricane weather, well never mind. It's an all purpose explanation for you mindless leftist true believers.

    Now that you've explained the weather/climate thing for me, perhaps you could amplify your previous remarks about how the Iraqi War is hopelessly lost, and how the surge is doomed to failure and will just make things worse. Then you can explain to me how the Bush deficits were so horrendous for the country, but that deficits four times as large are necessary, even though they always seem to benefit Democratic constituencies. Yeah, yeah, I know: Bush is actually responsible for the Obama deficits.

    By the way, your hero did a great job closing Gitmo. And his outreach to Iran and the Muslim world has proven so successful also. Still getting those tingles up your leg, asshole?

  3. I'm sorry I called you an ahole. That just slipped out. It's hard to restrain myself when I see an narcissistic economic illiterate ruining the country with out of control spending. It's hard to remain calm when I see such amateurish buffoons running our foreign policy and charged with protecting America. Buffoons who seem suprised and taken aback when al Qaida attempts a terror attack. (I mean, don't they know that I, Barack Obama, am now president, and not George Bush?) When these buffoons are endorsed by idiots such as yourself pretending to be thoughtful responsible citizens, it sometimes just bubbles over.

  4. Point taken, JGT. And I did apologize to the moronic asinine brainwashed reality challenged assclown for calling him an ahole. (But I'm not sure that PalestraJon's wish for me that I be turned into cannibal fodder in his fantasy about a run amuck global warming world is any better than my referring to him as an ahole.) And the apology does put me way ahead of PalestraJon who to this day has never acknowledged that he was totally and completely wrong about the Iraqi War and the success of the surge. At least I'm willing to admit it when I make a mistake.

    But in future, I'll try to keep things on the same high plane as PalestraJon. In that spirit, I hope that in the new hope and change paradise that PalestraJon is pining for– let's call it Barackistan– that he retires with a combined pension and Social Security pension witth a buying power in 2010 dollars of about $5.81 a month; that his Mount Airy neighborhood is overrun by undocumented Mexicans and Central Americans who crowd the neighborhood schools and bankrupt the welfare and government health care systems, but who at least (illegally) vote Democratic and are willing to cut his grass for a very reasonable price; that the same Mount Airy neighborhood also have a large contingent of Koranspouting Jewhating camelfucking Muslims who attempt to impose Sharia law and make all the females wear burkhas and marry seventy year old imams who smell like goats when they reach the age of twelve; and that he slowly die from a wasting disease for which he can't receive medical treatment because of a shitty government run health care system.

    But I'll never again call him an ahole.

    Enjoy the game.

    1. “Camelfucking”, how charming. At least it's nice to know that we can call bob a racist without going overboard because he is a huge fucking racist.

      1. The last time I looked, Islam was a religion and not a race. Therefore, I can hardly be called a racist for attacking a religion.

        Why do I dislike Islam? Well let's see… where to start? Well, Muslims are homophobic, misogynistic, intolerant, anti-rational, anti-scientific, theocratic, the list goes on and on. I dislike people who are completely intolerant of other people's beliefs and attempt to impose their beliefs on others. I dislike people who think that there should be no separation between church and state and who want to impose a system of religious law on civil society. I dislike people who think that homosexuals should be killed. I dislike people who think that people who choose to leave their religion should be killed. I dislike people who treat women as chattel and sexually abuse young girls by forcing them into arranged marriages, in some cases before they have even reached puberty. In the West, the term for that is “rape.”I dislike people who condone suicide bombing and religious war against others. I see no reason why I should b eexpected to tolerate intolerance.

        Muslims are also strict creationists who reject Darwinism along with other scientific findings that conflict with their tribal pre-scientific religion. They condone slavery. Slavery is enshrined in the Koran and is therefore acceptable.

        Islam does not have one positive thing going for it. I have nothing but contempt for Muslims and their beliefs. The only “good” thing you can possibly say about Islam is that it provides a wonderful and instructive example of how NOT to order a society and what NOT to believe if you are religiously inclined. I think Muslims should be challenged each and every time they advance their bullshit beliefs and attempt to stifle free speech. If they do not like the way we conduct ourselves here in the West, I invite them to return to the fucked up countries and societies from which they have sprung. And I haven't conducted any rigorous studies on the subject, but it is my strong impression that none of the camelshit fucked up Islamic countries of the earth have a problem with illegal immigration.

        Any questions?

        1. I forgot to mention other charming Muslim customs such as beheading. Muslims also have an extremely adult and healthy approach to human sexuality as evidenced by their atavistic obsessions and horrors about contamination with menstrual blood. They really think that suicide bombers will be greeted with seventy-two virgins in a Muslim paradise. (Here in the West, we would probably prefer one or perhaps two women with a certain amount of sexual experience, but, hell, who am I to criticize.) Muslims think dogs are “unclean.” In Saudi Arabia, the list of proscribed punishments includes crucifixion. (Yes, crucifixion. You know, nailing a human being to a wooden cross and allowing him to slowly die in agony.) They are also big proponents of stoning people to death. All in all, Muslims are really really cool people who have so much to offer us and so much to teach us. I can certainly understand why you lefties have such a “thing” about Muslims. They are such great folks and come from such a great culture and religious tradition.

  5. I thought we weren't going to call PalestraJon an asshole. Hey, he annoys the hell out of me too, but rules are rules.

  6. Wow, with the racism you're spouting you're really gonna be a star on But yeah, you've got a point. The Mexicans and Muslims are going to ruin the nation. Just like the Irish, Germans, and Chinese did in the 1840s, like the Italians and Jews did in the early 1900s, and Indians in the 1960s. Yep, these various ethnic groups have really ruined what we had going here. Thank God we had Great Patriots like you to warn us of their evil natures and speak of their inherent inferiority. You are a real American hero Bob.

  7. I don't know why you're calling me a racist. Hell, most of the people I detest are white people of Christian background. The vast majority in fact. There's Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, that total assclown Joe Biden, both Clintons. The list goes on and on.

    Anyway, I think you and BMT and PalestraJon are poopheads. And I hope they decide to try KSM in your neighborhood. And since you like and admire those camelfuckers so much and consider them so misunderstood and discriminated against, I hope that when Obama close Gitmo that he sends them all to a halfway house for rehabilitation and art therapy next door to where you live.

    Enjoy the game. I have to get ready. Over and out.

    1. I don't even understand the point you're trying to make here. Why would I care if KSM is tried in my neighborhood? The important thing is that he'll be tried and jailed, just like should happen to criminals. Same as will also happen with the other actual terrorists currently being held illegally in Gitmo – they're not being set free to walk the streets. But I forgot, we have to throw out the very notion of the rule of law because we're a a-scared and cowards like you might poop their pants. It's understandable, given the superpowers that KSM apparently has; he'll be just as hard to keep in prison as Magneto or Dr. Doom.

      1. You've used that pantspooping line before. It's stale, just like all your tired lefty arguments. And you apparently poop in your pants over the prospect of scientists questioning global arming. And you fear Republican terrorists. See above. I admit that I find the prospect of some camelfucker blowing up an airplane with hundreds of people aboard and having it crash onto a major American city to be alarming. But as long as you're not aboard and it's not coming down on your precious head why should you be scared?

        1. Bob, you racist moron coward, it's stupid to be afraid of something that has almost no chance of happening; and certainly not worth getting so afraid that we throw away the Constitution, the rule of law and basic human decency. It's simple math; over the past decade, the average American had a .001% chance of being killed by Muslim terrorists; and that's the highest it's ever been. So yeah, it's stupid to be afraid of.

          And all your descriptions that you use to justify your racism (yeah, you claim it's just against the religion; but then why use the non-religious “camelfucker” as your horrendously offensive insult?) apply equally to fundamentalist Christianity; the only difference is that our theocrats are not in power, although they are always trying to change that. The Pat Robertson crowd would be stoning gay people, nonbelievers, women who have sex and other “unclean” people left and right if they could.

          Yeah, Islam is dumb and dangerous because it's a religion; it's no better or worse than any other. Unfortunately, evil little bigots like you have decided that overt racism is perfectly OK.

          1. Sorry, shitbird, but I'm neither racist, moron or coward. If I confronted you, shitbird, I suspect that you would be the one who shit his pants. I'm not in favor of throwing out the constitution or suspending the rule of law or human decency to fight terrorism and people who are waging war against America. Your analysis here is simply left-wing propaganda. The legal remedies taken against terrorists whether via trial or military tribunal have all been approved by the courts over and over again. Your lies about people trashing the constitution do not change that. Sorry, asshole. And man oh fucking man you are one precious asshole.

            If losses to terrorists have been kept low, there's a reason for that. Plots have been aborted before execution and many many terrrorists have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq and other fields of battle. And the fact that those losses are low does not mean that we do nothing while camelfucker al Qaida assholes attempt to kill American citizens. I suggest you try running a campaign with the slogan that al Qaida hasn't really killed all that many people and see how far it takes you. That is not a viable foreign affairs or a national security strategy excerpt perhaps for a cunt like you who doesn't have the balls to defend his country and his fellow citizens against attack.

            And if you want to talk about probabilities, my fine left-leaning friend with his head so far up his ass it's a wonder he can breath, I suggest you consider the possibilities of nuclear terror or chemical or biological attacks which are much more within the realm of possibility than some leftist crap about us all drowning when the oceans rise twenty feet next year.

            Anybody who considers that manloving Obama asskissing Chris Matthews a conservative right-winger really has lost touch with reality.

          2. Good; now you're making physical threat. My god, you are unhinged. And you're lying again – the Supreme Court has found Bush's indefinite detentions unconstitutional several times. And torture is prohibited in the 8th Amendment.

            We can keep the country safe perfectly well, as we have in the past, without the paranoia the rightists want us to fear. The simple fact about at Qaeda in the US is that there are just not many of them, and they are not normally very competent. Remember, there's been one successful attack they've made; and that one will never be repeated. But yo accuse me of not wanting to defend my country – really, how do you have the gall to claim that? Don't be a moron; and apologize for that shit.

            I'll consider the possibility of nuclear, chemical or biological attacks along with terrorists attacking us with a giant laser from outer space, raising zombies, or traveling back in time to assassinate George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. That's all within the realm of science fiction, and is not going to happen outside of TV, movies or paranoid fantasies.

          3. I just don't know how I can help you, pal. I cite the Climategate scandal, where various scientists were caught red-handed discussing the manipulation of data, and the emails are available on the web for anyone to check out, and you claim that they don't exist and/or that they don't discuss what they very obviously do discuss. The same scientists are caught discussing how to marginalize peers who are critical of their data and claims, scientific peers who have been published in major scientific journals and hold twenured positions at major universities, and you say those critics are merely cranks. It's a classic example of a circular argument to simply dismiss people as morons and unsciientific cranks because they don't agree with your views.

            I tell you that al Qaida and Islamic terrorism is a threat. You dismiss them as a minor annoyance at best. In the same breath though you're bringing up Pat Robertson, as if he's a threat to anybody, except possibly making some people laugh themselves to death. Your idea of a terrorist is he? He actually performs a public service for shitheads such as you because he gives you somebody to hyperventilate about, and you can pretend that he represents conservative thought.

            And Chris Matthew, who has been probably the most prominent of the Obama cheerleaders in the media, who has homoerotic tingles running up his leg when Obama speaks and announces that he considers it his job to make the Obama presidency a success– stange job for a journalist and reporter, that is– morphs in your world into a right-wing conservative. Well, he doesn't speak for this conservative, my friend.

            An exchange with you is like a trip into one of those alternative string theory universes where the laws of nature are changed in odd and unaccountable ways.

            I made no threats against you, asshole. I didn't appreciate you calling me a coward, and I suggested that if you met me face to face that you would very probably be the one shitting his pants. The offer still stands. If you want to call me a coward to my face, look me up and we'll discuss the subject.

  8. Bob, I think you should stop wasting your time on us. We don't get it. We're never going to get it. I think you should throw up your hands in disgust and walk away in search of a group with a collectively higher IQ. I mean, you need something to work with. But thanks for trying. Mazel tov.

    1. You're right. But if I succeed in planting even one small tiny little doubt in the head of even one person blinded by the prevailing, mindless liberal orthodoxy, I feel that it's all been worth it. Allah Ahkbar to you.

      1. Bob-after reading articles and watching many menacing reports about Muslim I can see you are sufficiently petrified of 1-2 billion people on this earth. I suppose Fox has done their job. I actually lived in the Middle East for a couple years(not on an army base or other gov't compound) in a very poor neighborhood and I have a pretty unique understanding that you do not. There are many faults that I found and many things i disagree with BUT to try and justify hate speech like what you have just repeatedly written based on reading about and watching news reports is ignorant and indefensible. Nobody is more aware of the danger of fanatical Islam than I but the other 99% of Muslims who just want to live and worship in peace and don't subscribe to Shari'a law shouldn't be condemned as terror loving camelfuckers.

        Additionally-your criticisms of the Koran, if applied equally to the Bible would make the latter book look just as insane. Both books have shockingly idiotic passages[I believe it was in Isaiah that God ordered a bear to murder more than 20 children for making fun of Isaiah's bald head-good times] and if you want justifications on slavery the Old Testament can seem like a how too book-but they are closer than you would think in ideaology and message. Lets not cast broad accusations at all Muslims or all Christians or all Arabs or all Whites, etc. It's not a healthy way to think or debate and tends to go nowhere.

  9. Point(s) taken, Dan. I tend to exaggerate for effect. And although I have never lived in the Middle East, I am in constant contact with a number of people engaged in a variety of scholarly pursuits who do, and these people do not live on military bases. And I do not get my info on life from Fox News.

    I disagree with your benign views on Muslims in general. They harbor all sorts of misinformed as well as prejudiced and ignorant views and opinions about the West. The average Muslim “man on the street” is an uninformed bigot. His generally corrupt government as well as his religious leaders are responsible for that. The number who support terror and jihad is much much larger than 1%. Even the ones who don't actively support terror tend to be apologists for it and generally refuse to denounce it. And the Old Testament and Bible equivalency argument has been debunked so many times that I won't go into it, except to say that Christianity and Judaism have evolved over the centuries, most believers do not interpret these holy books literally, and that Christianity has undergone a Reformation and a long process of interaction and accomadation with science and reason. There has been no similar process or moderating process in Islam.

    Setting forth the truth about a backward culture and religion is not “hate speech.” Islamic culture is a backward culture and their extremist elements do constitute a real threat to the West. Sugar coating reality in the interest of some multicultural daydream does no one any good and is extremely dangerous.

    I recently read a book of essays written by Stephan Weinberg entitled “Lake Views.” Weinberg is a Nobel Prize winning physicist who has taught at Harvard and is now, I think if memory serves, at the University of Texas. He is a self-described liberal Democrat. One of the essays was a book review of Richard Dawkins “The God Delusion,” a book which I have read. (I have also read Hitchens' “God Is Not Great,” and would recommend both books.) In the review, while largely agreeing with Dawkins' critique of religion in general, he takes Dawkins to task for his equal and indiscrimate criticism of all religions. As Weinberg puts it, it is proper to disrespect all religion, but it is a mistake to disrespect all religions equally. Islam is, in his well supported opinion, many times worse in every area than any other major world religion. I agree with him wholeheartedly.

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