Quizzo Bowl Tix Go on Sale Tonight!

quizzobowlQuizzo Bowl tickets will go on sale tonight at Johnny Goodtimes Quizzo. They are also available for purchase online, but there is a service charge online, while there is no service charge to purchase them from me. Quizzo Bowl will be held on Saturday March 20th at the TLA. Tickets are $25 each, and that includes not only quizzo, but also a great between-round band, which will be announced later today, and a halftime comedy performance. And of course, plenty of giveaways and a few surprises, as always. Maximum team size is 8. Teams of 4 or less will be combined with other teams of 4 or less to make one larger team. If you have a smaller sized team or are a free agent hoping to help another team out, feel free to let me know beforehand and I’ll see if I can get you matched up beforehand. 

This event will sell out, so do not wait too long to purchase your tickets. Teams that dress up in uniforms or outlandish outfits will get VIP seating, just like last year. Yes, you are welcome to wear your uniforms from last year for credit. And no, one member dressing up does not count as the team dressing up. This is going to be a lot of fun, and there are even rumors of the Denver champions making an appearance at the event. I’ll have more on that soon.

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  1. No, the ticket price does not include refreshing beverages, but I am trying to work something out with a beer sponsor to keep beer prices reasonable. And Zipcars for everyone but Steve.

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