Popular Denver Blog Does Article on Philly Geek Bowl Team

gbphillyA Denver blog called the Westword found itself on the front page of Digg.com today, helped no doubt by the star power of a certain Philly quizzo team. Good article, and most importantly, all of the questions from Geek Bowl are posted. See how you do, and then tomorrow I’ll tell you which ones we got wrong. 

 The loudest, rudest, shit-talkingest team of all (Trust Us, We’re Doctors) came all the way from Philadelphia to prove their mettle — a long way to come just to show that you can outgeek the mountain west geeks.

And bragging rights were all the shit-talking Philly geeks were really gunning for — even if they took first place they’d be down $300, they admitted. So team leader and self-professed “hype man” Johnny Goodtimes put together an all-star team of Philly quiz kids (Goodtimes runs his own quiz company out East), started an epic flame war on the Geeks Who Drink blog and flew out to test his mettle in the Mile High City…By the end of the night, the quiz skills of Trust Us, We’re Doctors proved to beslightly less impressive than their shit-talking skills. Outdone by the lack of what Goodtimes called “traditional quiz classics” and the speed of the quiz, which left them unable to exercise their acknowledged team strength of talking out the answers, the final standing found them out of the money, barely. Fourth place was to be their legacy, a true “agony of defeat” sort of standing.

“That’s the worst possible finish,” Goodtimes said. “I’d rather finish 75th than fourth”

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