Poll: Do You Like the Picture Round?

Been doing a lot of picture rounds lately. Finally got my printer fixed, so I felt like I had to make up for lost time. Anyways, wanna see what you guys think about the picture round. Some people say it’s too dark at the bars to see what the hell is on the sheets. At the same time, I get a lot of cheering every time I announce picture round. So what’s the verdict?

20 thoughts on “Poll: Do You Like the Picture Round?

  1. Before quizzo at the New Deck on Monday, the quizzmaster gave out some prizes for calling out correct answers to some questions. I won a Samuel Adams baseball cap for being the only person to know the right answer to the question “In what movie did Jeff Goldblum have a supporting role as a reporter for People Magazine?”

    It was far and away my greatest moment in quizzo, and I wasn't even playing and hadn't gone to the bar with the intention of playing.

    Just wanted to share. I have no opinion about the picture round.

    Oh, the answer is “The Big Chill.”

    1. Maybe I was just the first guy to say the answer and I was really close to the guy.. It's a pretty big place and maybe somebody in the back didn't want to get up and walk to the front or scream out just to get a stupid baseball cap with a beer company logo on it. I like it though. I'm wearing it right now.

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  2. As others brought up in the earlier thread, I'd like them if you used a better printer, preferably a color one; when most of the challenge is the struggle to make out the fuzzy image, though, it's not worth it.

  3. Plus it's a fire hazzard. Todd Hunter and I once really had a hard time making out pictures of state flags at the Bards. We held up the sheet over a candle for better lighting, and the rest is history.

  4. Kind of a loaded poll. Picture rounds suck, unless the pictures are crystal clear and LARGE. To vote against picture rounds, one has to vote FOR 50/50 and speed rounds, which also suck.

  5. There are pros and cons to the speed round. As a general rule, I dislike an entire round devoted to one arcane topic, be they speed or subject rounds, in a general trivia game.

    A speed round is like taking a break from the trivia game to play a round of “Outburst.” I see why hosts like them, being able to run a whole round with only one question. It's also a handy way to shift the balance of power away from a team that wins too much for the host's taste. (Or to screw a team whose weaknesses the host is aware of, and is pissed at. Been there.)

    I'll take it over a 50/50 round, though. Never liked 'em, never will.

    My dislike of picture rounds comes from the execution, not the principle. The quizzo budget seems to allow only for grainy black-and-white thumbnail photos run through a streaky Xerox machine for the players to squint over in a dark bar. The clear, large color picture remains a rare phenomenon.

    The current state of picture rounds would have me vote against them. If there was an option in the poll for, “Yes, they're awesome when the the host takes the trouble to use high quality pictures,” I'd click on that.

    But there isn't, and I don't want to vote FOR 50/50 or speed rounds either. Bit of a conundrum.

    My vote

  6. well, i'm not going to drop the picture round completely. i redid a couple of pics for last night's quiz and i there were no complaints about the quality of the pics. the plan was just to mix it in with 50-50 and Speed rounds anyway. I was just playing catch up since I hadn't had any picture rounds in a while. No picture round tonight. I suppose i could work in some mystery rounds as well.

    As for 4 rounds of straight trivia questions, there are two reasons not to do that. for one, the speed/50-50 round is supposed to work as an equalizer that keeps the better teams in check (though it doesn't always work that way). also, it is used to keep the quiz moving fast. since i do two quizzes a night, and try to finish each one in about an hour and a half, speed and 50-50 rounds are used to make it move more quickly.

  7. I like the idea of occasionally mixing in picture rounds along with speed rounds and maybe something else. I don't really like the 50/50 rounds although we usually do fairly well on them.

  8. I prefer picture round to 50/50, but it's all in the execution like Nomen said. If I can't make out the picture, what's the point?

    Same reason I am not big on music rounds. It's hard to go back and review those if you can't hear the song more than twice, or can't hear it at all. I'm old, man. My hearing is gone.

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