JGT Quizzo Power Rankings

computerThe JGT QPR computer was left out in the snow last week, and thus is only spitting out the top 5. We’ll be back up to a top 10 next week. 

  1. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. 6 wins and counting at the Ugly American. Bounty is up to $20 this week. Last week: #2
  2. Steak Em Up. Just when you think they can’t sink any lower dignity wise, they combine forces with the Axis of Evil Knieval on Thursday. What’s next, a duo with the Jams? Perhaps see if Ken Jennings is free? Maybe bring in Stephen Hawking for any potential science questions? Last week: #1
  3. Lambda. Another win at O’Neals. This team seems to really be getting in shape for Quizzo Bowl, despite a 2nd place finish at the Bards on Thursday. Last week. #5
  4. The Jams. A bye week due to the snow. Last week: #4
  5. Ivan the Trivial. Once front runners at O’Neals, they are now playing catch up to Lambda. 

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