iSportacus Named “Best Phillies Coverage” by Philadelphia Weekly

pwWant to take a moment to acknowledge a feather in the cap for our sports site. was named “Best Phillies Coverage” by the Philadelphia Weekly. In a city whose baseball blogs include Phillies Nation, Beerleaguer, and We Should Be GMs, this is a pretty big honor and, quite frankly, a pretty big upset. Nonetheless, we are flattered. BMT and I have put a lot of effort into the site and it’s nice to know that a few people are noticing. Not a whole lot of baseball on the site now, but I can assure you we are both anxiously awaiting opening day and will stop caring about curling and Eddie Jordan as soon as the first pitch is thrown. And don’t worry, PW, I’m going to let your choice of Irish John as Best Quizmaster slide in the merriment of the moment.

4 thoughts on “iSportacus Named “Best Phillies Coverage” by Philadelphia Weekly

  1. Congratulations to JGT and BMT. I was told by a reliable source that one of the factors which led to your selection is that Philadelphia celebrities such as myself occasionally make comments on the site.

    Is Irish John that foul mouthed “fooker” who used to preside over quizzo at Dirty Frank's a couple of years ago? If so, I don't really see the appeal. Hearing obscene words in an Irish brogue gets old fast and isn't really all that funny to begin with. You was robbed.

  2. “Most Intriguing Foul-Mouthed Northern Irish Quiz Master” is not the same as “Best Quizmaster.” Since you are neither foul-mouthed nor from Northern Ireland, you're not even in the field. You also wouldn't win in the field of “Self-Important Pompous Blowhard Who Thinks He Invented Quizzo and Farts Ranting Opinions About Movies He Hasn't Seen on His Blog,” either.

  3. While I resemble the remark about self important pompous blowhard, I have never stated that I invented quizzo. Pat Hines invented quizzo (at least in the US) and I have never stated otherwise. That being said, who would win “self important pompous blowhard who…” if not me? I'm intrigued.

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