Frosty the Pornowman

snowmanThe picture above has no pornographic connotations. It’s just a big damn snowman down the street from my house. But this snow figure, well, I’m not even sure it’s safe for work. Of course, that creation is nowhere near as disturbing as this snow porn scene. And this one isn’t much better. Now, before you get all “The whole world is going straight to hell”, please be advised that porno snowmen are nothing new. The following from something called PJonline: “the first recorded lewd snowmen (and snow-women) appeared in 1511, when the residents of Brussels, in a fit of anti-establishment anger, filled the city streets with hundreds of pornographic and political snow sculptures.”

Hundreds? Did they say hundreds? My god, that makes a snow penis at 10th and Fitzwater look downright quaint.

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