We Need a Team Name

geekbowlAs most of you know by now, I am joining forces with the Sofa Kingdom and Phil of the Jams to destroy a bunch of granola eaters in Denver in Geek Bowl IV. However, we have been unable to come to a conclusion on a team name and need a little help. I want something that is Philly-centric, whether it ties in to the city name, sports teams, places of interest, cheesy Rocky references, anything. So post your team name suggestion in the comments, and the best team name will win a free t-shirt from our good friends at phillyphaithful.com.

16 thoughts on “We Need a Team Name

  1. Here's some ideas:

    Philadelphia Yellowjackets

    Willis G. Hale Ain't Nothin' To Fuck With

    Frank FurnAssholes

    Roast Pork over Cheese Steak

    Divine Lorraines

    Legionairre's Disease (Alt: Legionellosis)

    Quakers Quack at Crackers


    Reverend Wharton Wheat

    -Magnus Ver Magnusson (which is an awesome name in itself)

  2. How about: The Reason We Don't Use Steroids is That We Don't Want to Have Shriveled Up Balls Like Guys from Denver.

    Or maybe that's too long. And I'm not sure if it's “shriveled” or “shrivelled,” but you could check that out easily enough.

    You're welcome.

  3. How about: “The Team to Beat.” Just make sure to back it up like J-Roll or don't bother coming back.

    Good luck out there.

  4. I cant wait until you see what a real quiz looks like. Lucky for you, they will be reading the questions out loud, so your dumb, cheesesteak-eating ass wont be forced to come to the front of the theater, Dexter Manley style and exclaim “I can't read!”, while wiping tears off your hipster face like so many other effete, sexless-wonders of your generation.

    PRO-TIP – Since your tears flow easy and you're paying money to fly to a failure, easy on the eyeliner Gina.

  5. “Our Nerds are smarter than your Geeks”

    “Philadelphia is Greek for 'go fuck yourself'”

    “The JGT Cavalcade of Arithmetic, Sciences, Humanities, Rap and the general business of getting down All-Stars”

  6. Maybe, “The Martha Coakley All-Star Campaign Staff.”

    Or “I'm Martha Coakley and I Can See the Middle East from My Sister's House.”

    Or perhaps, “Masachussetz Needs Coakley, Vote Demmokratik.”


  7. The City of Brotherly Tugs (Just $5)
    You Don't Win to Have a Goodtime (though you may need a condom)
    Mike Schmidt Mustache Ride
    White Sons of the Black Mafia
    My Other Quiz Venue is A Kensington Crack Den
    High PHI
    The Prince of Deaf Ears
    Philly Peen Cheese
    Philadelphia Experiment(s)

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