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geek bowlIt’s getting closer to game time, and I gotta admit, I’m starting to feel some nerves. Four of us played at New Deck on Monday. We tied for first and then fell in overtime. Tough loss, drove home some of our weaknesses, though we have at least started to figure out what those weaknesses are. We’re going to struggle with fashion and perfumes. There is no getting around that, and I don’t know how much cramming is gonna help in that regard. We also are gonna struggle with cooking terms and country music, both of which I’ll be studying today. There will be 72 teams at this thing, and I’m gonna be honest: anything less than a Top 10 finish will be a disappointment.

As for Denver itself, I still have no idea what we’re going to do there. Any suggestions? I think that we want to do lunch at the Casa Bonita on the day of the event, provided we’re not too far away from it. I went to Casa Bonita once before (like 12 years ago,) and it was pretty spectacular. It’s an enormous Mexican restaurant which features cliff divers, gunfights, and Black Bart’s cave. I’m telling you, this place is insane. And the food is famously mediocre. And let’s face it, eating mediocre Mexican hours before the big event…what could go wrong?

Anyhow, this will be a rare weekend where it’s worth checking out the website. I’ll be taking video the whole time and posting it on the site, so be sure to stay turned to how this thing turns out. No matter what, it should be a lot of fun.

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  1. On the plus side, our Geeks Who Drink sleeper cell here in C'ville has quietly won every quiz for the last 4 months.

  2. I am not proud to say that if this event was on pay per view I would purchase it and host a viewing party. That being said, I will be vigilantly watching the website over the weekend. You guys need to harness your inner teenage girls and start cramming on all questions relating to Tiger Beat, Twilight, makeup and anything else where you may collectively know 0% of the available information. Forget country music. They love that shit out there. If it's part of the bowl you're screwed.
    Bragging about winning quizzo in C-ville (Coatsville?) is like beating up your child and then making a championship belt to wear around the house.

    1. That would be Charlottesville or as we call it, “the Coatsville of the South.” GWD opened up their first eastern franchise here in the fall. I wasn't trying to brag, just saying we''re not going into this thing flying blind. Also, I beat up those kids fair and square. I earned this belt.

  3. That would be Charlottesville, or as we call it, “The Coatsville of the South.” I’m not bragging, I’m just saying we’re not going into this thing with our pants down. And that I beat up those children fair and square. I earned this belt.

  4. Regarding cooking terms I would just like to point out that a coddled egg is not the same as a poached egg. Coddled may be cooked in the shell but poached is most certainly not.

  5. I was in Charlottesville last week (Monday of last week) and actually scoured the local newspaper for quizzo listings. I saw they had one on Tuesdays.

    And, I would definitely list country music, fragrances, cooking and fashion as weaknesses.

    You should take an ad out in Denver craigslist looking for a female player who likes country music.

    We always toy with that idea when quizzo bowl comes around and we realize we have glaring weaknesses in areas that a woman is more likely to know.

  6. That's it, Koob and I are going to go through some back issues of Vogue, watch some E! and the fashion Network, and then heading to Sephora for a perfume quiz. Hrmmm, that does sound like the 7th circle of hell for any straight man. Yeeeah, if they have a fashion round, you guys are screwed. I should have bought a plane ticket!

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