Mystery Round Unveiled

Ok, so here’s how it worked. I asked 9 questions. The 10th question was what do the first 9 answers all have in common. Where did I come up with such a brilliant idea for a round? I stole it from the New Deck quiz. I thought of it all on my own. Yeah, I know. I’m pretty smart. Answers to question and answer to the mystery are after the jump. 

  1. In ancient Egypt, these were worn to display status and also as ID tags to help the Gods guide the wearer to the appropriate level in the afterlife.
  2. This woman famously played a character named Prissy in Gone With the Wind and later modeled for the Mrs. Butterworth bottle. 
  3. What formula gives us the mass-energy equivalence?
  4. This song was a big hit for both the Lovin Spoonful and Lupe Fiasco.
  5. The first one of these was issued on September 22, 1862, the 2nd one was issued on January 1, 1863.
  6. Who had a hit with Rock n Roll Pt 2, and was later arrested for child pornography?
  7. Jesse Jackson founded this coalition in 1984, which was later merged with Operation PUSH.
  8. What was the first Top 40 hit for Aerosmith, heard in the movie Dazed and Confused?
  9. This magician is the star of the show Mindfreak.
  10. What did the answers to 1-9 have in common?


  1. charm bracelets
  2. Butterfly McQueen
  3. e=mc squared
  4. Daydream (in’)
  5. Emancipation Proclamation
  6. Gary Glitter
  7. National Rainbow Coalition
  8. Sweet Emotion
  9. Criss Angel
  10. All words found in Mariah Carey albums.

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2 thoughts on “Mystery Round Unveiled

  1. It does seem like it would be a more fitting subject for a sensitive wuss sort such as Dicker and his effete Denver dweeb gang, doesn't it? JGT should probably expect a chick lit round or maybe a romance novel round on Saturday.

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