JGT Quizzo Power Rankings

old_computer-pic The computer that crunches the numbers for the Power Rankings (seen above) is taking into account finishes in the past weeks, not just this past week, as well as quality of wins, team schedule, pedigree of team members, team spirit, and technical merit, and and then multiplies all results times pi (3.14). Here are the numbers the computer churned out.

  1. Steak Em Up. In the words of KRS-ONE, they’re still number one.
  2. Ivan the Trivial. Whattya gotta do to get top billing around here? They’ve won 9 straight, but can’t get by Steak Em Up, who keep winning as well.
  3. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. They start 2010 the way they left off 2009…as the class of the Ugly American.
  4. The Jams. They lose in OT, but they are still the team to beat at the Vous.
  5. 1022. A big win at the Vous this past week, and with a bunch of teams really bunched together after the top 4, a win was what they needed to propel them to #5.
  6. Narcotyzing Dysfunktion. Another 2nd place finish at the Bards, this team really needs a win over the Steak to re-establish themselves as an upper tier team.
  7. Showing Our Youth. Who are these guys? They roll into Black Sheep out of nowhere and take the top prize. Will it continue or are they a one hit wonder?
  8. Why Can’t Us? Another 2nd place finish at UA. Good to see that the Diabetics finally have a rival.
  9. Catdog. The most consistent team at Black Sheep, four Top 3 finishes in the past five weeks, including two wins.
  10. The Savage Ear. The Kings of consistency, 7 2nd Place Finishes in the past 8 weeks. Unbelievable.

Also receiving votes: Magnus ver Magnusson, Duane’s World, Satan’s Minions, Quiz on Your Face, Dalembert Report, Unusual Suspects

4 thoughts on “JGT Quizzo Power Rankings

  1. Boo on the rankings! The number three team had the highest score all week and would have beat the number one team if they had played at Bards.

    A member of the number three team. 🙂

  2. You haven't won 9 in a row, and you had two weeks of inactivity. I think a #3 ranking is pretty damn high. But I do highly encourage people to debate the rankings. It makes it a lot more fun.

  3. Can't believe you gave a one hit wonder at the Black Sheep such a high ranking but left off a team that came within one question of the Jams the week before last…and was perfect going into the last round! Ouch!

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