Inspired by Tony Robbins

I posted on Twitter the other day that I had bought a Tony Robbins CD at the thrift store. Within hours, I had been befriended by TonyRobbinsSales, AnthonyRobbinsSales, and AnthonyRobbinsFan. Inspired, I’ve started befriending everyone who posts anything about quizzo. This Tony Robbins CD is already paying off, and I haven’t even taken it out of the package yet!

By the way, when I worked in Hawaii, Tony Robbins used to hold a one week seminar at the resort where I worked. Couple thousand people showed up for $10,000…and that did not include the flight or lodging at the Hilton (which was another few thousand.) I met some people who were involved. Apparently, in the Grand Finale, Tony Robbins descended from the rafters on wires as the crowd went wild. I need to find out a way to do that at Quizzo Bowl.

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