Denver Ranked 5th Smartest City in Country; Philly 11th

denver_1The Daily Beast did a recent ranking of the 55 smartest cities in the country, and the results were rather interesting. Raleigh Durham took home the top prize, while Denver was #5. Philadelphia just missed the top 10, finishing 11th. So according to the arbitrary measures that constitute this absurd measuring stick, Denver is a much smarter city than Philadelphia. Wouldn’t it be a shame if their 50 or so teams couldn’t beat our 1? The difference between Geek Bowl and this cockamamie ranking is simple: Geek Bowl is quantifiable, this ranking is not. And so, Daily Beast, you better hope we don’t win this thing. It would show your rankings to be nothing but a cheap sham to garner page views. Though that is already pretty evident. DC, Seattle, and Baltimore also finished ahead of Philly, and in past city vs. city smackdowns, we destroyed those cities.

4 thoughts on “Denver Ranked 5th Smartest City in Country; Philly 11th

  1. This is stupid. How is, like, New York — where all the elite east coast college kids move after college — not #1? Oh, wait, it's an arbitrary list from a magazine! Phew, I almost got angry there.

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