Toughest Questions from Last Week


  1. What is the only planet whose day (one planetary rotation) lasts longer than it’s year (one orbit around the sun)?
  2. What NFL record does Flipper Anderson hold?
  3. Who wrote the Martian Chronicles in 1950?
  4. What four musicals won an Oscar in the 1960s for Best Picture?
  5. This artists shocking last work, “etant donnes” (NSFW), or The Waterfall, was completed in 1966 and can be seen at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
  6. The 2nd largest city in Washington is on the eastern side of the state. What is it?
  7. Henry Wirz was the Civil War soldier executed for War Crimes. What war crime was he associated with?
  8. What controversial poet authored the short poem She Walks in Beauty and the narrative poems Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage and Don Juan?
  9. What is a lion-goat-serpent called?
  10. What is a eukaryotic cell?

Answers after the jump.


  1. Venus
  2. most yards receiving in a game
  3. Ray Bradbury
  4. Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Oliver, and West Side Story
  5. Marcel Duchamp
  6. Spokane
  7. Prison camp in Andersonville
  8. Lord Byron
  9. chimera
  10. a cell with a nucleus

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