Ripping off Geno’s Steaks

gena'sI was driving back from Punkin Chunkin in Delaware yesterday when I happened upon this sign in Delaware. My first thought, which is the one they intended, was to think that Geno’s was expanding into Dover. With a NASCAR raceway within viewing distance, it made perfect sense to for “Great American” Joey Vento to bring his brand of xenophobia wit’. But if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s Gena’s, not Geno’s. There were also flames painted on the side of the building to further confuse the issue. But I’m not sure what the deal is, because the place was closed and I see no mention of it on the internet other than a phone number.

3 thoughts on “Ripping off Geno’s Steaks

  1. Finally got to visit and a friend told me the story behind the name. It's run by Geno's niece, and it's named Gena's in memory of a little girl in the family who died. According to a coworker from Philly, it takes like the real deal. I haven't gotten to taste Geno's or Pat's yet, but Gena's is really good. I plan to go back to try it with whiz.

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