“I Became a Hero”

The hero of morons all over the country is allowed to keep his sign on his window. As a pretty big fan of free speech I totally I agree with the ruling. It was ridiculous that this suit got filed in the first place. Sure, Vento may be so dumb that he makes comments about non-English speakers such as: “You don’t wanna assimilate into dis country and learn our language? Well den you shouldn’t uh came here den. Stay where you was.” But that doesn’t mean that Joey can’t show off what a genius he with a sign in the window. After all, this is a free country. So congrats Joey. You are a hero, a hero to people in jean shorts and Minnie Mouse sweaters who swear they once saw the Virgin Mary on a slice of french toast. But to everyone in this city with an IQ over 40, you continue to be an embarrassment.

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