Toughest Questions from Last Week

  1. Its seeds are found on rye bread and its essential oil is used in kummel liquer.
  2. What is the longest river in Canada, named for the explorer who travelled on it.
  3. What 7 letter palindrome are you most likely to find at the Daytona 500?
  4. Fill in the blank on the Ice Cube song: How to survive in _____ ________. The place where bustin a gat is fundamental.
  5. To the nearest million, how many people live in Los Angeles?
  6. What is the name of Dog the Bounty Hunters wife?
  7. This Roman Catholic priest from Belgium who worked with lepers in Molokai just got canonized by the pope.
  8. The book and movie Alive were about a plane that crashed on October 13th, 1972. What country were the rugby players on board that plane from?
  9. Sammy Hagar turns 62 today. He named his brand of tequila after a Van Halen song. What is the name of the tequila?
  10. The Razzies for Worst Picture in 1995 and 1996 were both given to movies that dealt with the same profession. What profession was it?


  1. caraway
  2. MacKenzie
  3. Racecar
  4. South Central (NSFW)
  5. 4 million
  6. Beth
  7. Father Damien
  8. Uruguay
  9. Cabo Wabo
  10. Stripping; Striptease and Showgirls

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