11 thoughts on “Rap About Game 4 of the NLDS

  1. I think we'd dig the power rankings you have been, to use your own word, “shamefully” late in posting this week more. Not to say your rapping isn't a delight, but … no I can't actually say that with a straight face. Just post the rankings and we'll forgive you for subjecting us to yet another self-indulgent display of your musical/poetic “talent”..

  2. Ladies and gentlemen, mikeminion biting the hand that feeds him.
    “Thanks for the free quizzo and website-now just give me my fucking power rankings!”
    I think his team should be dropped at least a notch for excessive douchbaggery.

  3. Dan, please recognize the difference between when someone is being serious and when someone is just giving the best quizmaster in Philly a little good-natured ribbing. Actually,I don't really care that much about the power rankings, I just thought if JGT did them, he'd have less time for rap, which can't be a bad thing. And for the record, I made JGT and his gal dinner the other night, so I'm not sure who's hand feeds who.

    P.S. If you don't mind, in the future,I prefer the term “f***ing wise-ass jerk” to “douchebag.” Thanks.

  4. If you have literally fed Mr. JGT recently then my apologies. Good natured ribbing vs being an asshole is a fine line and one not easily distinguished via a comments section. I still think you should drop in the rankings though-to vocalize that you care about the power rankings is totally lame. You should internalize these feelings and suffer silently while checking the site dozens of times a day like I do in the desperate hope that the power rankings have been updated.

  5. Good advice; from now on I will try to follow your example and be lame in private! And you're right, it's no one's business just exactly how lame either of us are. Still, I offer no promises – it will take a lot of effort fight my true nature as a wise-ass jerk. And now, I guess I'll go see how many times a page can be refreshed in an hour.

  6. Everyone knows that Steak 'Em Up is on top of the power rankings. No one can be that curious to find out where they rank below.

  7. “Steak'em up Rules blah, blah blah.” Wake me up when Bad Andy leaves. I know that you rule the Power Rankings of boring comments.

  8. If you like smack talk, maybe we should start making comments about your “rap.” Oops, sorry! The wise-ass jerk in me just slipped out. Won't happen again. (until the next JGT rap,that is)

  9. Good stuff, Goodtimes. First, “get me to the plate” is an immortal line. Well chosen. Also, “the new murderer's row”? I don't know if you were the one to coin it, but it's perfect — eminently worth coining. Finally, though the hook is similar, metrically speaking, to “drop it like it's hot,” I like that the track didn't just fall into mirroring Snoop's beat or cadence.

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