Power Rankings Heading Into Fall Brawl

leavesNeedless to say, these will change after Saturday’s event. 

  1. Steak Em Up-Finally fall this week, but with the addition of the best player for Hurtin Bombs and the addition of Swanson, back from UVA, this is the team to beat at Fall Brawl.
  2. The Jams-Eek out a win this week, but will they be attending the big fall event?
  3. Duane’s World-Rumor has it they’re teaming up with Unusual Suspects for the big event.
  4. Lambda-Finally get a win at O’Neals and have a full complement playing at Fall Brawl. Two time defending Quizzo Bowl Champs looking to ad another feather to the cap.
  5. The Ear-Five game win streak ends, but still a formidable foe. This is your dark horse.
  6. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics-competed with Sofa Kingdom and Hurtin Bombs last night, despite missing several of their best players. A very legit shot of winning this thing.
  7. Quiz on Your Face-Another dark horse, but if they can beat the Jams, they can beat anybody.
  8. The Hurtin Bombs. A huge win against several Top 10 teams last night. Unfortunately, they won’t be fielding a team for Fall Brawl.
  9. The Unusual Suspects. Teaming with Duane’s World for Fall Brawl.
  10. Magnus ver Magnusson. Not looking up the question of the week prevents them from tying the Jams.  

Wild Cards:

Rob’s Zombies (aka The Champs). The two time Quizzo Bowl winnners haven’t been seen in a while. Will they come out of the woodwork for Fall Brawl?

Narcotyzing Dysfunktion. No word yet on Steak Em Ups biggest rivals. 

Sell Your Soul Train. Surprising 2nd place finishers at Quizzo Bowl. Will they attend? They don’t even know yet.

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