Power Rankings


  1. Steak Em Up. Was going to drop them a spot for picking up Kenney off of Hurtin Bombs, but then they won Thursday w/o him or Garbo, so I gotta give em credit. Last week: #1
  2. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. Slowly making their way back to the top with four straight wins at the American. Last week: #3
  3. The Ear. An organization that should serve as a model for all teams. They perennially sucked, so they recruited some fresh blood and are now on a 4 game win streak. Last week: #4
  4. The Jams. Ouch, the music round severely damaged the Vous top team. The Jams finish 4th, and that drops them to 4th in our rankings. Last week: #2
  5. The Unusual Suspects. Helped by a Duane’s World turncoat, they finish #1 at the Sheep. Will Mike Minion turn out to be a double agent, and flip-flop back to the WOrld this week? We’ll see. Last week: #8
  6. Quiz on Your Face: A huge win, followed by a weekend wedding. This team is riding high right now. Will the honeymoon end this Wednesday? Last week: #9
  7. Duane’s World: Absolutely crushed by the music round, they finish 7th at the Black Sheep, dropping them to 7th in the rankings. Last week: #5
  8. Lambda. Another 93-91 loss at the hands of the Ear keeps them running in place. Last week: #8
  9. Dork Sided. They finished one point behind Lambda on Tuesday, and finish one point behind them in the rankings. Last week: NR
  10. Kibbles n Vick. They finally crack the top 10 with a 2nd place finish at the Bards, scoring higher than the 2nd ranked Diabetics. Last week: NR

Also receiving votes: Magnus ver Magnusson, Hurtin Bombs, Narcotyzing Dysfunktion, Why Can’t Us, This is Not a Bus

9 thoughts on “Power Rankings

  1. I love the intrigue that goes into the power rankings now with team members switching allegiances! I think there should be a short film detailing some of the more dasterdly betrayals and characters in the JGT Quiz underworld!

  2. Are we being invaded by space aliens? Who are these people? What are they selling? What do they want from us earthlings?

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