Baseball Today; Quizzo Tonight

Hey kids, I’m off to the Phils game. It starts at 2:37, so it should wrap up around 6ish. I’ll be heading to the Vous as soon as it’s done, so hopefully we’ll start on time, but if it goes extra innings, I could be a little late. Action at Vous should start around 6:15ish. We then move on to the Black Sheep at 8 p.m. Been a little quieter there the past couple of weeks, so now’s the time to go to get a table. It’ll be packed by this winter. In anticipation of tonight’s game, here are a few things to check out.

A Few Random Thoughts I Had About Baseball this Morning.

A Colorado Rockies quiz.

An interview with a Colorado Rockies blogger.

Here’s some bars that are running specials for the games.

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