We Need Your Help

Hey gang, as you probably know, I help run a number of programs through the Urban Youth Association for local teens at a nearby rec center. And as you know, the city is in the midst of a major budget crisis. (See where this headed?) Long story short, we are not getting the funds that we normally get from the local government to help run these programs. So we need your help to help the programs continue. You can meet some of the guys several quizzo regulars and I work with throughout the year by checking out the short video above, and you can read some of their work at their blog.

I am asking you to please donate anything you can afford to, whether it’s $1 or $10 or $100, by going to Paypal and donating to the program. To do that, go to the blog above and click on the paypal link on the right. You can also give me money at quizzo this week if you’d like to help. Needless to say, this is a program I strongly believe in, from the basketball to the tutoring to our summer education program. Your support helps to pay our teachers, helps to pay for the various field trips we have during the year, and gives local teens (many of whom come from dangerous neighborhoods) a safe, fun, and positive environment to spend their free time. I thoroughly appreciate your support.

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