The JGT Power Rankings

powerrangersOur first ever repeat #1 this week. Here’s how they stack up going into this week.

  1. The Jams. They’ve won the last three weeks by an average of 16 points. They look unstoppable. Last week: #1. 
  2. Steak ‘Em Up. Two wins last week and three straight wins overall have the former Sofa Kingdom moving rapidly up the charts. Last week: #4
  3. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. They’re baaaack. Answered 39 out of 40 questions correctly on Thursday to record the highest score of the week. Last week: #8
  4. Duane’s World. A win at Black Sheep and a 2nd place finish at the American, and still they drop two spots? What the hell? Last week: #2
  5. Narcotyzing Dysfunktion. The always dangerous Dysfunktion finished 2nd at the Bards on Tuesday, and is still one of only three teams to record a perfect score. So why don’t they ever make a strong showing at Quizzo Bowl? Last week: #5
  6. Why’s John’s Run Gone? After three straight wins, they are crushed by 27 on Tuesday night. They really need to rebound strongly on Tuesday to stay in the top 10. Last week: #3
  7. Hurtin Bombs. No appearances this week, but former team member Rene’s nice paean to my quizzo on his blog allows them to retain their #7 spot. Last week: #7
  8. Satan’s Minions. Lost at the Black Sheep only because they blew it on the question of the week. If this team played consistently, they might be a top 5 squad, but they often team up with the slightly better Duane’s World. Apparently if you can’t beat ’em, you join ’em. Last week: NR
  9. Lambda. No appearances this week, but they’ve got the trophy and their spiritual leader, Steve-O, celebrated his 40th birthday this past week. Happy birthday, Steve. Last week: #9
  10. My Dog Peed on My Eagles Jersey. Come out of nowhere to pull off a win at O’Neals. We’ll have to see another strong performance this week to prove to us that they’re not a one week wonder. Last week: NR.

Others receiving votes: The Ear, 1022, Same Name as Last Week, Kitchen Doodie, River of Rocks, Axis of Evil Knieval, Quiz on Your Face, But My Mom Says I’m Cool

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