Toughest Questions From Last Week


  1. In what state was Billy Bob Thornton born and raised?
  2. Captain Cook came within 75 miles of it, but the first confirmed sighting of this was made in 1820 by Russian explorers Mikhail Lazarev and Fabian von Bellinghausen.
  3. Burleigh Grimes was the last pitcher to legally do what?
  4. At the Beginning of the Tempest, he tells his daughter Miranda he was once the Duke of Milan.
  5. This town named after a person is known as the Switzerland of America and the Gateway to the Poconos.
  6. In terms of sharks, only four are responsible for the vast majority of fatal bites. One is the great white, and one is the oceanic whitetip. What are the two others?
  7. What extremely popular website was started in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar?
  8. After the US and Canada, what is the 3rd most populous English speaking country in North America?
  9. This landlocked country was formerly known as Upper Peru.
  10. Irritation of this nerve is known as hitting ones funny bone.


  1. Arkansas
  2. Antarctica
  3. throw a spitball
  4. Prospero
  5. Jim Thorpe, PA
  6. tiger, bull
  7. eBay
  8. Jamaica
  9. Bolivia
  10. ulnar nerve

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