Toughest Questions From Last Week


  1. It’s not just a type of fish, it’s also the name for the winds on the eastern slopes of the Rockies.
  2. The ratio of partial pressure of water vapor in a parcel of air to the saturated vapor pressure of water vapor at a prescribed temperature is known as what?
  3. Whose memoir was called My Prison Without Bars?
  4. Sheila Dixon governs a more populous city than any other current female mayor in the United States, a city of 635,000 people. What city does she govern?
  5. This player, elected to the Hall of Fame in 2005, played the first 13 games of his career as a Phillie before being traded in 1981.
  6. What South American country’s flag looks like Canada’s without the maple leaf and borders Ecuador.
  7. On the day that he married Anne of Cleves, July 28th, 1540, Henry the VIII had this man put to death at the Tower of London.
  8. What is 5.88 trillion miles better known as?
  9. This mineral, mined in Death Valley since the 1880s, is found in many detergents and is also known as sodium tetraborate.
  10. Fill in the blank: Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are _________.


  1. Chinook
  2. relative humidity
  3. Pete Rose
  4. Baltimore
  5. Ryne Sandberg
  6. Peru
  7. Thomas Crowmwell
  8. light year
  9. borax
  10. We Are Devo

One thought on “Toughest Questions From Last Week

  1. doubtful that i would known the sheila dixon one if i hadn't lived in maryland last year

    but lightyear question was a way easy guess. seriously.

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