Once the kids found out today that about 200 people checked the UYA website yesterday and that numerous people left comments, they suddenly took a huge interest in today’s writing assignment. Whereas before we had to plead and cajole them for every sentence, suddenly they are fired up to write the best piece. It’s pretty awesome. So I just wanted to say thanks for reading, and give extra special thanks to those who commented (including Bob!) If you have a free second, please leave a comment underneath a couple of their articles. It’s going to get them fired up about writing. There will be new stuff on the blog next week. 

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27 thoughts on “Thanks!

  1. What's with the “including Bob!” shit, Goodtimes? I mean I don't agree with the asinine babblings of PalestraJon– e.g. Sarah Palin deserves any and all personal attacks including attacks on her handicapped child– and all of a sudden I'm like Ebeneezer Scrooge or something. I was delighted to encourage one of your budding scholar/athletes about his writing assignment. Of course. If they study and work hard, they might grow up to be smart like I am, and good writers too.

  2. Will they grow to be a douchebag like you too, Bob? Why do you have to bring me into every one of your blathering dissertations? Leave me out of it. When I want to argue with you, I will.

  3. Careful. I might have to wipe the floor with you in another debate. To do that, all I generally have to do is bring up the issue of the Iraqi war, and remind you that you stated over and over again that it was unwinnable and hopelessly lost. I can add to that your assertion that the surge had no chance of success and that General Petreous was just a Bush “stooge.” The facts of the matter then speak for themselves and you're shown to be the hopelessly out-of-date partisan ideologue that you are.

    Why not show some integrity, and admit that you were wrong about Iraq and about the surge? Hell, even your mancrush Obama was forced to admit that the surge had succeeded. Then follow that up by conceding that it is not acceptable to mock a handicapped child, even if her mother does happen to be a Republican. Start showing a little bit of integrity and a little bit of consistency and a little bit of decency, and I might even come to have a little bit of respect for an asshole like you.

  4. Sorry Bob, I refuse to accept the bait. Maybe someday, once you learn to be a courteous human, I might debate you in person. On a blog, all you do is repeat bullshit and since you have no life, you always stay up to get the last word. Thus, when I say that Palin, by using her children as props for her political purposes, has left them to be subject to criticism (although I stated that no progressive reporter ever said the things you supposedly “quoted”), you reply that I endorse the mocking of a handicapped child. When I say that the Iraq War is unwinnable, that we cannot create an outcome that was better for our geopolitical interests than was Saddam–certainly not worth 5000 dead and 50,000 maimed soldiers at $2 trillion in cost—you say that I mocked Patraeus and the “surge” (which was nothing of the sort—we just cut deals with the Sunni tribesmen). So you see, it's not worth arguing with you. You are fundamentally intellectually dishonest.

    1. BTW, just to set the record straight here, PJ did definitely say that since Palin had used her children as “props” then any attack on them was “warranted.” He allowed for no exclusions but clearly stated that “any attack” was warranted, no matter how extreme or how disgusting. And PJ apparently is the one who gets to decide when politicians are using family members as props, which presumably means that when Obama trots out his children to look cute then they are not being used as props. When Palin does it, well then, yes, of course, then they are being so used And even if children are trotted out for political purposes, which is a tactic constantly employed by both parties, only an asshole would proclaim that such use subjects them to personal attacks. (That is, only a person such as PalestraJon.) All I asked was that he agree with the simple statement that it is unacceptable to mock a handicapped child for political purposes. After much heming and hawing and excusing of the partisans who did so, he refuses to make such a reasonable concession. According to him, Palin deserves any sort of personal attack, and was, as we say about rape victims, just asking for it.

      Since he seems to be defending any sort of personal attack on Palin, i would suggest that PalestraJon conduct a little experiment. At his next meeting with the attorneys in his firm, he should pick out one of the female attorneys and then state that “she dresses like a slutty airline hostess.” Then he can add a statement suggesting that that attorney's or some other female attorney's underage pre-teen daughter should be raped. He can finish up the performance by mocking someone's handicapped child, perhaps passing around a photoshopped picture of that child. Then he should return to his desk, sit back and watch his legal career really take off.

      1. Bob, you are beyond help. First, you are once again using the straw man. I never said anything about Palin's kids nor did I defend any attack. All I said is that when you use your kids as props, expect them to get in the way of attacks. You are incapable of abstraction, which I negected to remember when I tried debating you as if you had a semblance of intelligence.

        And Letterman is a comedian—he said nothing about Palin's pre-teen daughter nor suggested any rape. You are simply echoing Limbaugh—literally.

        Iraq is lost. It was an assault on American interests and forever will go down as one of the worst mistakes in American foreign policy history. But Bush ruled as you argue…throw up a straw man (the “Axis of Evil”) and attack it. Anyone who disagreed was disloyal—just as you accuse me. You have no clue about patriotism or what it means to be an American. Luckily, those like you are out of power and no matter what you may chant, you are out of power for a long time.

        1. Uh… you started the whole discussion by complaining about some people who used racial slurs against Obama. You tried to tar me and the entire Republican party with this slander. I don't doubt that in a nation of some three hundred million people that someone somewhere hasn't used a racial slur when speaking about Obama. But Neither I nor the Republican party are guilty of racism because of this. This sort of thing, incidentally, is a perfect illustration of what the term “straw man” means.

          I stated that I and the vast majority of Republicans would denounce such racial slurs. I then stated that there have been numerous outrageous personal attacks on Sarah Palin by Democrats including mockery of her handicapped child. You then tried to shift the terms of the debate by saying that nobody in the mainstream or no prominent columnist or commentator had done so. We weren't talking about such prominent mainstream people though. I would point out that no prominent or mainstream Republican or conservative commentator or columnist has used racial slurs. At no time did you denounce such assaults on Palin and her children.

          You also claim that such mockery of Palin's handicapped child never happened. Well, yes, it did. I myself saw an example of it. It was widely circulated. There were others. On this website, in fact, after her nomination a quizzo team named itself “Sarah Palin's Mongoloid Children.” Incidentally, I called attention to this insensitive slur. You, of course, said nothing in protest. In addition to these sort of totally unacceptable and disgusting attacks, there were also other continuing attacks on Sarah Palin as a woman and against her children. These attacks continue. The Letterman slur is a perfect example. (Incidentally, since you consider such attacks of such little importance and no big deal, I again invite you to refer to one of your female lawyer acquantances as being “dressed like a slutty airline hostess,” and make jokes about the rape of people's underage daughters and see what happens.)

          You have also very definitely refused to denounce any such attacks against Palin and her children. You also specifically refused to denounce the mockery of her handicapped child. You said that such an attack was “warranted.” Palin, in other words, deserved such attacks. She is apparently like the proverbial rape victim who “was asking for it.” I invited you several times to reconsider this assertion that such mockery is “warranted,” but you continue to refuse to do so. Now you are claiming you never excused this behavior. A simple check of your words, however, shows very definitely that you did do so and are now lying about it..

      2. I forgot to mention that if they complain about his attacks, he should state that they deserve them and were asking for it.

  5. Why don't you guys go into the steam room and snap each other with towels until your wrists are sore. Then when the giggling subsides and you're sweaty and tired, you can hold each other in a delicate, lover's embrace.

    1. You'd like that, wouldn't you, BMT, Grand Inquisinstigator, and Lord of the Troublenmakers. BTW, I hope you enjoyed the “death match” and “magic” you helped instigate last week You probably should stop stirring things up. PJ isn't going to thank you because he always ends up getting his libdem ass kicked– metaphorically and rhetorically speaking, of course.

  6. OK, so Petraeus manged to change the circumstances which helped to turn the tide in Iraq? Saying that we only turned things around and that the surge only succeeded because such and such happened is just a variation on the old if your grandmother had balls she'd be your grandfather routine.

    Don't call me dishonest. You can't even admit you were wrong about something staring you in the face. You said the Iraq war was unwinnable and lost and you said that the surge would never succeed. You were wrong on both counts. Why not show some integrity and admit that. Attempting to explain it away will just involve you in more and more inconsistencies and outright absurdities. Win is not lose even when it is necessary to proclaim so to suit your Bush hatred and asshole ideology.

    1. Maybe not, Kristy, and you are very welcome. I am happy to spend a few minutes of my time interacting with your students and providing some encouragement to them, and plan to continue to do so in the future. I was impressed by the website and your program and congratulate you and coach Jerome. Keep up the good work.

  7. You know, the problem with trying to explain to someone that he or she is insane is that the subject lacks the ability to understand the concept. That said, I am too human (i.e., flawed) to just let this car crash go ungaped– and uncommented– upon.

    Bob, what the f*ck? You are using the point that Palestra said the Iraq war is unwinnable as an argument against him? What's next, that time he said Tuesday follows Monday? A basic principle in attacking someone's statements is that the statement is false. I guess you could have the opinion that the war is winnable (if you are an ostrich), but how can you hold it up as an argument against Palestra when all evidence screams that he is correct?

    In fact, I think Palestra is selling his point short. He focuses only on American casualties, which, while incredibly important (and tragic), are just one part of the horror here. How about the one million Iraqi casualties (including children raped and/or murdered by American GI's) in an illegal war?

    And just to throw all the eggs into one basket here (as a little gift for you to pet like JoJo the circus boy), why shouldn't someone express anti-Bush sentiment? If we do not hold up GB43 for generations to come as the prime example of all that can go wrong with our society, then what have we learned? He's a horrible murderer and the worst American ever. Honestly. Let me repeat that for you. He's the worst person in the history of our country. Liar. Criminal. Mass murderer. And most tragic, as the worst person in our country's history, the only thing GB43 “accomplished” during his time in office was to ensure that the future of our country is very much in peril.

    1. GWB was neither a liar, a criminal; nor a mass murderer. These charges are nonsense on stilts, pal. And you people call me a wingnut, People such as you and PalestraJon are the ones out on the fringes, separated from reality. Don't call me an extremist when you come out with total crap such as your post above.

      I wish that the like-minded assholes in the Obama administration and Congress would try to pursue your vendetta against the Bush administration with criminal investigations as Eric Holder has proposed. (You remember Holder, a real as opposed to make-believe criminal. The guy who help arrange the Clinton pardons for cash bribery at the end of that truly criminal administration.) If they were to do so, I guarantee that the American people would vote Barack Obama and his sorry gang of assholes out at the first opportunity. Charges of mass murder and crimes and lies by the Bush administration are for partisan and hate-filled assholes on the loony left, such as you and PalestraJon. They would not go over very well with the American people who can recognize hypocrisy and partisan political posturing when they see it. And where is your proof for your despicable slander about American troops that they raped children. I just wish a wider audience could read these kind of posts and see for themselves the kind of people who support Barack Obama, and the kind of assholes they unintentionally and unfortunately aligned themselves with when they voted for him.

      I'll repeat to you the same questions I posed to PalestraJon before, which he did notand indeed could not answer. If the Iraqi war is such a dismal failure, and if it is unwinnable, and if it is illegal and immoral and we are committing war crimes over there, why are we still there? Why haven't we begun an immediate and total withdrawal from Iraq? Your war criminal Bush is long gone. We can't win according to you, so why stick around? What is the purpose in that? Yet Obama remains. He is pursuing the Bush game plan. Your position is totally illogical, my dear asshole friend. If the war were a complete failure and unwinnable and a continuing waste of resources the rational approach would be an immediate and unconditional withdrawal. And since we now have such a sanctified and pure and holy president why are we continuing to wage an illegal and immoral war? Why are we continuing to commit the mass murder of innocent people? Why, in short, do we suddenly seem to have gone from a situation that you call illegal and immoral and involving mass murder to one that you accept as just fine and peachy keen simply because a left-wing Democrat whom you happen to like is now running the government? You have no complaints about Obama. You are not accusing him of mass murder. Yet he basically picked up the ball where Bush left it on Iraq and ran with it. In view of that, asshole, why are you not calling Obama a criminal, a mass murderer and all the rest of your bullshit charges. You should be raising hell in the streets and calling Obama a mass murderer, a war criminal. Your position here does not stand the test of logic either. In short, you are full of shit, my friend.

      And do not in future refer to me as insane. That insult doesn't stand the test of reason and logic either. You and PalestraJon are the one who hold irrational and illogical opinions, shithead, not me. You are the ones who are the wingnuts. I can only hope that not all Democratic voters are as phenominally fucked up and have their respective heads quite as far up their respective asses as you two, because then we really truly are in serious trouble in this country.

        1. Not a particularly illuminating response to my questions about why we are still involved in a lost and unwinnable war, and why said war has suddenly ceased to be criminal, illegal and immoral. Why, in fact, is Obama not a war criminal? I'd really like an explanation.

          1. I just don't think I can help you. I mean, you denied something happened. I showed you that it did. Then you changed the subject. But to answer your question (for the last time, really), the current administration's policy, obviously, is to fix as much of the needless damage done as possible. If we were to pull out and leave the murderer's mess untouched, we would be leaving the country in the hands of criminals and terrorists (where it might well end up, anyhow, but I think we have to try to do the right thing). I don't know how this concept has escaped you. But please spare me the explanation. And have a nice weekend! 🙂

          2. I don't deny that it happened. I just fail to see how an incident of wartime rape means that American GI's are to be characterized as rapists. I don't see how it leads to a conclusion that the entire war is a criminal enterprise. Incidents of rape by soldiers in wartime probably go back to when a band of homo sapiens first decided to take out the band of Neanderthals on the other side of the hill. So what? I'm not excuseing it or justifying it but saying that it happens and is as old as war itself. American GI's were convicted of rape in WWII as well. What is important about the incident and distinguishes our military from many others is that it was investigated, prosecuted,and having been found guilty the offenders will be punished.

            You should know that the one million casualty figure is grossly overstated. It has been advanced before and debunked, so you should be aware that you are spreading propaganda when you repeat it. Speaking of casualties, when our enemies carry out a suicide mission which results in civilian deaths, it's a perverse sort of logic which lays the blame at the door of American troops.

            You didn't address my question, you just repeating Obama talking points. He blames and continues to blame Bush for all the problems he faces. He will find that strategy increasingly counterproductive as time goes on. To get back to my point though, you and PJ state that we have won nothing in Iraq and that the war is unwinnable. You throw in war crimes and civilian deaths. Yet then you turn around and say we have to stabalize the situation. Why? If as you say it is hopeless and there is nothing to be gained– or to dispute what I say, tthat nothing has been gained– what exactly are you expecting to achieve by continuing the war? You're the two clowns saying that the war is unwinnable and has been a total waste. I take you at your word and say then we should be pulling out. Immediately. Then you turn asround and say we can't leave the situation as is. Even though it's hopeless. What the hell sense does that make?

            And you haven't even touched on the war crimes business. You state that we are committing war crimes and killing innocents. I say then OK we should stop. You then say but we can't. Absurd. Simply absurd. You don't get to say that we are killing innocents and committing war crimes and then turn around and say, but, hey, we have to keep doing that for awhile. I'm sorry, but by your analysis and your standards Barack Obama is a war criminal who has chosen to continue the illegal and immoral war of his predecessor.

  8. By the way, I apologize for adding to the dreck in what was intended to be an upbeat thread. I hope Coach Rome doesn't make this required reading.

    1. Don't bother apologizing about the dreck, asshole. You rub off some of your shitty self everywhere you go, and people are probably quite used to it by now.

  9. That's because you murdered Eric Bruntlett. Had he still been alive he would have continued doing damage, and would have held off that late push by Lil' Jon. Yeeeaaaaah!

  10. Thanks Bob! It has been a lot of work but a lot of fun as well. I am very proud of what we have accomplished in a few short weeks and I look forward to improving on the program and expanding it for next year. Your input is very much appreciated!

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