JGT Quizzo Power Rankings

he-manThe advent of the Power Rankings seemed to step up the games of several of our top teams. There were some pretty big shifts in power this week at the top. Here’s how they stand.

1. Duane’s World-A blowout win at the Black Sheep, followed by a come from behind win over L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics at Ugly American. Last week: #2

2. The Jams-They aced both the 3rd and 4th rounds on their way to a 117. Looks like last week’s upset loss was a fluke. Last week: #4

3. Steak ‘Em Up (formerly Stimulate Your Prostate which was formerly the Sofa Kingdom)-A change in name and direction seemed to do the team good on Tuesday, when they had a commanding win. But Thursday night saw them lose by 20, and one team member stormed out early. This is a team still searching for that special something that once made them the most feared team in quizzo. Last week: #5

4. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. They are two questions away from having a 10 game win streak, losing by narrow margins to Duane’s World in back to back weeks. This is still an elite team, despite two losses. Last week: #1

5. Why’s John’s Rum Gone? Last 5 weeks have resulted in 3 wins and two Second Place finishes. This is a team on the rise. Last week: #6

6. Axis of Evil Knieval-Seem to slowly be regaining their swagger. An impressive win at the Bards on Thursday. Last week: NR

7. Quiz on Your Face-An impressive 104 negated by a dominant performance by the Jams. Last Week #7.

8. Same Name as Last Week-Almost a triumphant return to O’Neals, they lost by one question to John’s Rum. This team has the talent to make a serious run at the top spot. Last week: NR.

9. Narcotyzing Dysfunktion-Reputation alone gets these guys in the top 10, after a devastating 30 point loss on Tuesday. Still a premiere team, they just need to get their s*** together. Last week: #8 

10. Lambda. They haven’t really shown us much lately, but hey, they have the karate trophy. They gotta get some love for that. A few wins could shoot this team to the top of the leader board in a hurry. Last Week: NR. 

Others receiving votes: Hurtin’ Bombs, Sir Lancelost, 1022, Unusual Suspects, Dorksided, Megatouch Myself, Savage Henry

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