Quizzo News and Notes


Ok, so I’ve been sort of scarce on the site lately. Just been super busy lately. Started teaching in a summer program, been coaching, and writing for isportacus. And of course trying to enjoy the greatest summer weather this city has seen since I moved here. As far as pizza, things are starting to heat up. Went to Tacconelli’s last night. Did it live up to the hype? Check back later for the video.

As far as quizzo, things have been kind of hit or miss the past few weeks. Bards always gets quieter in the summer. Got a big team and want to be guaranteed a table? Go to Bards, especially on Tuesdays. The Rendezvous has been steady, but there are usually still tables available. Nothing was really “sold out” last week except O’Neals. I hear people complain that it’s too hard to get tables at my quizzos. Not during the summer (usually).

Ugly American has been having really good crowds lately, and the Bounty is still on! L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics won for the 6th straight time this past Thursday, so the Bounty has been raised to $25 cash. The Jams have been dominating at the Rendezvous, winning 9 out of the last 10 weeks. They are one win away from a bounty themselves. So is Duane’s World at the Black Sheep. I could run out of money this summer. The Sofa Kingdom lost an important member a week ago (more on that later today), and the Hurtin Bombs are losing one soon, so the power structure at the Bards is getting ready to undergo some major changes. Lots of parity at O’Neals.

Finally, keep in mind that you can follow me on facebook as well as on twitter. To be perfectly honest, I write more (I refuse to use the term tweet) on the isportacus twitter, so if you’re a baseball fan, please follow me there. Talk to you soon-JGT

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