What’s the Worst First Date Movie?

dotherightJust read that Barack and Michelle’s first date was going to the theatre to see Do the Right Thing*. Great movie, terrible first date movie. I passed this info on to Trivia Art, who then proceeded to inform me that his parent’s first date was to see Clockwork Orange, which is even worse. So what do you think? What is the worst possible first date movie? Have you ever made a terrible first date decision? (Mine was not paying attention to the announcements at the roller rink.) Please answer below.

*Before you blow a gasket, Bob T, let it be known that the article was about the movie, not the President.

22 thoughts on “What’s the Worst First Date Movie?

  1. Hrmmm, this seems very subjective, as I would have loved to see either of those movies on a first date- for the fact that I love grabbing a beer or a cup of coffee and talking about good/intellectually stimulating films after I see them. I recently went on a first date to see a showing of “Rear Window”, and that was a fantastic choice.
    I am trying to come up with a movie that I would hate to see on a first date, but all I can think of are simply BAD movies. A guy once asked if I wanted to go see “Mummy 3” with him, I never called.

  2. Happiness?!?! LOL Any Todd Solondz movie is a bad date movie.

    Ala Taxi Driver, any XXX rated film. Does anyone know which move Travis Bickle took his date to? I couldn't find if it was an actual movie. Deep Throat? I don't know the release dates…

  3. Crap. I took a first date to the first-run showing of the same movie Trivia Art's parents saw on their first date. But, hey, you can never get too much of the lovely, lovely Ludwig Von.

  4. Saw Virtuosity on a first date back in the day. This is not a good movie to see in any circumstance.

  5. Blow a gasket? Naw. I think it's wonderful that the media gives us so much information about the elegant, sexy and hot Obamas, their lives and their marriage. We need a new national reality show now that the Gooselins seem to be headed for divorce. As for their first date movie, it's a nice touch of irony that the Obamas started their partnership by seeing a movie entitled “Do the Right Thing,” since in both their private and professional lives they so often haven't.

    1. Not blind…well-founded…eyes wide open.

      Blind worship of president? He's so way cool…OMG…check out those sculpted pecs and abs…glistening with sweat…tingles running up leg…Manlove.

  6. BTW, my vote for worst first date movie would be “An Inconvenient Truth.” If you take somebody with any semblance of rationality to this movie, you will completely blow the possibility of any relationship, since you are announcing to that person that you are a moron who blindly follows the prevailing lib groupthink and are incapable of any sort of critical thinking. (Unless, of course, you attend the movie with the idea that you are watching an unwitting comic exercise on the part of Algore.) On the other hand, if you take the right sort of person to this movie– or maybe it would be more precise to say the wrong sort of person– you might very well end up getting laid.

    1. …and speaking of sickeningly predictable, as if on cue, the lib Dem lobby chimes in. Go ahead, Kristy, admit it. “An Inconvenient Truth” is a crock of shit that has spawned an entire industry of scientific debunking and scientific criticism of Algore and his distortions, exaggerations and outright falsehoods. Or would some critical thinking damage your liberal street cred? And while we're on the same subject of admitting things, why not go even further and admit that the media fawning and adulation of the Obamas is getting downright embarrassing and sickening, even for true believers such as yourself.

  7. The worst first date movie I or anybody else ever took someone to see is “Trouble Everyday,” which was the last film being shown the last day of the Philadelphia Film Festival about 7 years ago. I had been flirting over the bar where I worked with a woman for weeks, and we had talked about going to the Festival, but I never got up the nerve to ask her to go. The day before the Festival ended, sensing my chance to ask her out without it being awkward almost over, I finally ask her if she wants to go on the last night with me. I had no idea what film they were showing, and I failed to mention that to her. She agrees, no questions asked.
    The movie, starring a pre-Brown Betty Vincent Gallo, has about 20 words of dialogue and revolves around a group of de facto vampires who walk around, having brutal, graphic sex with people, then eating parts of their bodies. In one scene the woman rips the lips off the man beneath her with her teeth, in another a man goes down on a woman and proceeds to
    actually eat her…oh, and there's a scene where Gallo masturbates against the glass door of a shower, avec money shot.
    People walked out of the theater cursing.
    I mustered up the courage to look at her once during the film, just to see if she was still there or if she had called 911. She was, and she didn't, though, in retrospect, I guess I wish I had walked out myself:
    We ended up going out for two more years.

  8. * I meant Brown Bunny, the movie in which Chloe Sevigny gives him a blowjob, not Brown Betty, the cupcake store on 20th Street.

  9. Gabe, thank you for bringing it back to the topic! That is such a funny story!

    Why does Vincent Gallo bother making films??? Brown Bunny would be a very awkward date movie, for the soft core porn* AND because its just a boring movie! I tried to watch it once. I couldn't get through the first 10 mins.

    In that vein… “Short Bus” would be a bad first date movie!

    My first date movie was “Dead Poets Society.” When you are 13, the movie is sooo boring. So, it was a GREAT first date movie (lots of make-out time).

    *Unless your date is into that, then WHOO HOO!

  10. Like Arthur Kade, the Bob T. act has become a tired act. Clearly, he despises the Obamas and liberalism and clearly, most of the people who argue with him feel differently. He dismisses anyone who disagrees with him by suggesting they're brainwashed victims of groupthink. Meanwhile, he carries the standard of dyed-in-the-wool conservatism, not exactly the stuff we think of when the phrase “open-minded” pops up.

    As exercises in futility and non-coalition building, the Bob vs. the Liberal Boogeyman battles carry some weight. But as entertainment or rhetorical brilliance, these salvos are getting stale.

  11. I went to “Schindler's List” with a very dumb girl. Not good.

    After “Pulp Fiction”, a first date said to me, “I loved it, but how did John Travolta come back to life at the end.”

    I've never met anyone of reasonable intelligence who denies global warming. Those pictures of the ice caps disappearing? All fake. Liberal propaganda. Uh-huh…

  12. Tipper, I suggest to you that the question isn't necessarily whether global warming is happening, but rather why it is happening, at what speed it is happening and what if anything it is possible, practical, reasonable and/or wise to try to do about it. The earth's climate is an extremely complex thing and new discoveries relevant to the subject are being discovered all the time. The discussion is very definitely not “over” as Al Gore would have you believe. Such a statement is the very antithesis of the scientific approach. And there are reputable scientists who question the Gore thesis and the extent and causes of global warming. There are even more scientists who while not denying or minimizing the threat and possibility of global warming nevertheless decry Gore's exaggerations and outright fabrications. “An Inconvenient Truth” has to be considered propaganda not science, and I prefer to get my information from sober and responsible scientists, not political hacks such as Al Gore. To posit the issue as whether or not a person “believes” in global warming is naive.

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