JGT Hopes Dirty Hippies Get Lost in Camden

Sunday night provides the opportunity for madcap hilarity. My dream scenario goes like this: a huge multi-colored bus full of dirty hippies, high on a variety of drugs they stole from their mom (after sneaking upstairs from the basement where they live) make a wrong turn on their way to see the most mind-numbingly boring band in the history of the earth (yes, even more boring than the Grateful Dead) and end up in North Camden. Hilarity ensues.

There is a concert at the TLA Sunday also, called the Summer Slaughter Tour, that will feature bands called Necrophagist, Dying Fetus, Decrepit Birth, and After the Burial. I would rather watch them all, followed by an extended encore in which they all played Hey Jude together, than go to this Phish concert.

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