Hanging with the Legendary Pat Hines

img_0656A pleasant surprise at last night’s quizzo at the Bard’s as the originator of American quizzo, Pat Hines, made a rare appearance. For those who don’t know, Pat moved to Northern Ireland last year with his wife and two kids. He was back in town for 10 days and decided to check out one of my normal quizzes for the first time ever (he did attend the Summer Slam in 2004.) We had a beer after quizzo, and Pat says that he’s enjoying Northern Ireland, though he does miss Philly. He just finished getting his teaching certificate over there, and is hoping to begin teaching soon. He talked about the very first quizzos in the US, held at a bar in Wildwood called O’Shea’s, with nothing but Irish questions and Irish people playing. Pat, who is not from Ireland, needed an assistant to help him come up with relevant questions about rugby, the Dail Eireann, and so forth. And in case you’re wondering, yes, those are still his questions being asked at New Deck and Fergie’s. Oh, and his team came in an impressive 3rd.

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