A Penny for Your Thoughts

jgtlogo51Hey gang, as you can see, we’re changing things up a bit on the website, and I’d appreciate your feedback. What do you want to see more of on the site? What would you like to see less of? I have tried to make it more focused on trivia and less of a hodge podge. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? 

A few things to note. First of all, now that I am using WordPress, it is a lot easier to post pics. So I think I will, starting next week, post pics of the top 3 finishers at each bar, not just the winners. Also, the categories have been cleaned up and so the site is much easier to navigate.

I am thinking I might do a pizza hunt again this summer like we did in 2006. I will have more details next week. Also, looking for a spot to do a City vs. City quiz with Denver this summer. Will keep you updated.

4 thoughts on “A Penny for Your Thoughts

  1. OK, here's a SERIOUS piece of feedback. If you can, move the links to the Comments under the story. People read what you post, then decide if they want to comment (top to bottom) Just flows better, ya know. If you can do that with the page templates…

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