What’s In a Name?

Here’s my column in today’s Metro. I think you’ll dig it. It’s about best business names in Philadelphia. Most of the best ones are always hair salons. One of my favorites that didn’t quite make the cut was Excuse ME Who Styled That Hair. Sassafrass! I also liked That Guy With the Hair, Smooth Like That, and Style of Man. Then you had your old standardsĀ Shear Perfection, Shear Genius, and Shear Pleasure. I also like Next Millenium Two Thousand, the barbershop that sounds like a robot. As for laundromats, the Washing Well was kind of cute. Oh, and D-Mac told me about a doozy, but it was out in Western PA. A day care center called Bring ‘Em Young. Brilliant. As for more terrible names? There is a bar called Castle Roxx in Manayunk. Sounds like a breakfast cereal. I also think Phlamboyant Phaces (hair salon) is kind of atrocious. Looking for more great business names? Click here. Now it’s your turn. What great local business names did I leave out of the article? Let me know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

  1. I just read your article in the metro & I thought about a bar around the corner from my friends house which is called “He ain't here either”. Just had to share………… thanks

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  3. “The Other Place” (Bar in Essington,) “The Best House” (Hoagie / Steak place across from Clark Park) because it was previously called “The Wurst House,”

  4. There is a salon I passed on Saturday on Ridge, right before you get to manayunk, near the Pour house…ready for this….” So U Neek”. i lost it

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