Kade Style

In case you haven’t heard the buzz, the man Philadelphians love to hate was featured in this month’s Philadelphia Magazine. It could have been better, but it certainly answered some questions about our hero and painted him in a pretty real light. At that moment, it was possible to see Arthur Kade for everything he is — an unmitigated douchebag, to be sure, the poster boy for all that reeks about contemporary society and culture (the former businessman turned aspiring celebutard, forging a burr-hole through the cacophony that is the Internet), but a character at the same time entirely familiar, one wholly American, a modern-day Tom Joad setting out, sanguine to a fault, westward. 

Personally, I think that Arthur Kade can only be one of two things: a brilliant marketing ploy by someone (Philebrity perhaps?) to write a book about this ridiculous character’s misadventures, sort of a Lazlo Toth style invention, only crazy in a different sort of way. Otherwise, he is severely mentally ill. There is no other way to be that un-self aware. What do you think? Is this guy real or is this some sort of brilliant Andy Kaufmann type stunt?

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    James R. Goff
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