Hola From Sunny Charlotte

Hey kids, sitting in the Charlotte airport getting ready to catch a connecting flight to Asheville, where I’m hanging out this weekend. I’ll be posting scores when I get into Asheville. One thing I kind of like about the Charlotte airport: there are rocking chairs everywhere. For some reason that seems really cool.

They just announced that maintenance is on board the aircraft and that we may have to wait a few minutes before we board. Then I heard a few people moaning, which totally blows my doors. I mean, would they rather the maintenance people not fix whatever it is that’s wrong so we could take our chances in a faulty aircraft? When a wing blows off at 30,000 feet, are they gonna say, “Yeah, it sucks, but at least we boarded on time.” I just don’t understand people sometimes. Alright, well I’m off. Talk to ya soon.

2 thoughts on “Hola From Sunny Charlotte

  1. That reminds me of flying out of Dallas to Hawaii when we were told that they needed to make sure a cargo door was not really open before we took off as there was a light indicating a problem. An agitated voice from a few rows back said 'Who cares.. let's just go' and I wondered if he really was familiar with the concept of flight and oceans and such.

  2. I like the Budweiser bar in Charlotte. Don't pay the extra money for the audio tour if you go to the Biltmore. I also recommed Barley's for a meal in Ashville. Great beer selection and really good pizza.

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