Toughest Questions From last Week


  1. This famous American poet wrote a novel in 1922 called the enormous room, about being in prison in France in WWI.
  2. In a deck of cards, who is known as the Suicide King, for the way his sword is held?
  3. What did the self proclaimed World’s Sexiest Pro Cheerleader Krazy George Henderson claim to have invented in October of 1981?
  4. Shane Victorino was born in the town of Wailuku on which Hawaiian Island?
  5. The capital of what country is Portuguese for “I see a hill”?
  6. Lascaux in france and Altamira in spain are both famous for their what?
  7. Four in hand and pratt are two of the four what?
  8. Jamie Moyer is the oldest player on the Phils. Who are the only other two Phillies born in the 1960s?

  1. ee cummins
  2. King of Hearts
  3. The Wave
  4. Maui
  5. Uruguay (Montevideo)
  6. cave paintings
  7. ways to tie a tie (knots)
  8. Matt Stairs and So Taguchi

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