Phils Thoughts

My apologies to the people I sent “Rays in Five” texts to last night. But this RISP situation is causing me to lose my mind. Also doing that was the buffoon who was umpiring last night. Way to come up small in the big game, you clown. Thing is, even with their lack of clutch hitting and the umpire conspiring against them, the Phils coulda won that game. Myers was solid if not spectacular. He gave up 3 earned runs, which would have been 2 if it wasn’t for the joker calling balls and strikes. Jayson Werth’s error was huge. But in the end, we come out of Tampa exactly the way we wanted to: tied 1-1. And keep in mind, these hitters have never seen Jamie Moyer. And how exciting is it that a 46 year old is getting ready to pitch his first World Series game? After the sloppiness of the first two games, I expect a classic in Game 3. But keep in mind, I am always wrong about everything when it comes to this team (thus no hesitation to send a “Rays in 5” text message), so don’t take that one to the bank. Also, good news. I did not wear my lucky shirt last night, so it was no surprise that they lost. I will be wearing it tomorrow night. So rest easy.

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