Philadelphia Phillies Before and After Quiz

There is the first or last name of a current Phillie in the answer to all of the questions below. In other words, if I ask, “Who hosts the Wheel of Fortune?’ you’d say “Pat Burrell Sajak.”

  1. This agencies motto is semper paratus.
  2. Illite, Smectite, and vermiculite are all types of what?
  3. This was Buffalo Springfield’s Biggest hit.
  4. How does one say “Happy Birthday” in spanish?
  5. Who hosted Moneyline from 1980 to 1999?
  6. It’s the official state mineral of Kentucky and the official state rock of Utah.
  7. What was the highest grossing film worldwide in 1998?
  8. This man’s talk show lasted for a grand total of 4 weeks.
  9. Wes Craven released this film in 1991.
  10. This actress, found in the hit Beverly Hills Chihuahua, is married to a British Lord.

  1. Chris Coste Guard
  2. Clay Condrey
  3. For What It’s Jayson Werth
  4. Pedro Feliz Cumpleanos!
  5. Greg Lou Dobbs
  6. Coal Hamels
  7. Saving Private Ryan Howard (or Madsen)
  8. Chevy Chase Utley
  9. The People Under the Matt Stairs
  10. Jamie Moyer Lee Curtis

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