Stanford White: Seduction on a Red Velvet Swing

2432828270040024638S500x500Q85.jpgHad a great weekend down in VA, and am on my way back up now (in Salisbury.) I’ll be posting the “Phillies Before and After Round” this afternoon. In the meantime, I was watching Antiques Road Show last night and the name Stanford White came up. I remembered about his Velvet swing and his murder and all that, so I started looking up stuff on my phone (internet service down at the farm is spotty at best). Anyways, thought I’d share, since it is some really cool stuff. The short story: world famous architect Stanford White was known for enjoying the company of teenage girls. One of them was Evelyn Nesbit (left). When her husband found out that White had taken her virginity when she was 16, he decided to kill Stanford White. He did so during a show at the Madison Square Garden. News of White’s kinkiness came out at the trial (he had a large velvet swing at his house that he liked to push naked teenage girls on) and it became a national sensation, the first “Trial of the Century”. Here’s some good reading for a slow Tuesday as we wait for the World Series to start already:

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