Toughest Questions From Last Week


  1. For what band was female Michael Steele the bassist from 1984-2006?
  2. In what century did the Black Death reduce Europe’s population by about 50%?
  3. In what new England state will you find Lake Winnepessaukee?
  4. A humans maximum heart rate is _____________ bpm minus their age.
    a) 180 b) 200 c) 220 d) 240
  5. Motown released its first number one hit on this date in 1961. It was a song by the Marvelettes. What was it?
  6. Joseph Cinque is best known for his passage aboard what boat?
  7. This 90210 character really had a number of obstacles to overcome. She was date raped, shot, caught on fire, addicted to coke, got amnesia, had a miscarriage, killed her rapist, and joined a cult. Who was she?
  8. Four people were killed by steel pipes n a 1983 murder plot that included John Holmes. A 2003 film was made about the murders. What was it called?
  9. What instrument did jazz legend Charlie Parker play?
  10. is a collaboration between Telepictures Productions and this company, which was founded asQuantum Computer Services in 1983.

  1. Bangles
  2. 1300s
  3. New Hampshire
  4. C) 220
  5. Please Mr. Postman
  6. Amistad
  7. Kelly
  8. Wonderland
  9. Saxophone
  10. AOL

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