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Been a wild week. The Kingdom goes down after 5 straight weeks, and the Jams tied for last yesterday after winning for 7 straight weeks. Then to top it all off, Duane’s World, who had finished in 2nd place in 5 of the last 6 weeks, won at the Black Sheep. More insanity tonight? We’ll see.
Good Dog. 8 p.m. If you go there, your team will win. I hear people whine, “It’s too hard to win your quizzo with the Kingdom and the Jams.” Trust me. It is not hard to win at Good Dog. In fact, I am personally guaranteeing a victory for your team tonight. Yes. Yours.
Bards. 10 p.m. Yes, the Bards are where the big boys hang out. If you got serious quizzo game, this is where you go to test your mettle.

Hope to see ya tonight.

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