The Legendary Blue Horizon

One thing that will separate this Quizzo Bowl from those that have come before is the venue. After three years at the modern confines of the World Cafe Live, this year we’ll be taking a trip back in time, as the event goes down at the hallowed Blue Horizon.

The Horizon was built in 1865 as three different row homes for the nouveau riche. In 1914, the buildings were adapted to house a Moose Lodge, whose presence is still felt. The lobby features a ticket booth built in 1914 with the Lodge’s name and number still imprinted on the glass, and on one side of the stage you’ll find a plaque honoring members of the local Moose Lodge that died in World War I. On the other side you’ll find a bust of former “dictator” of the Lodge, John Ford.
The venue was converted to a church in the 1960s, and fights began being staged there in 1961. It quickly made a name for itself as a premiere boxing venue, with 33 World Champions boxing there, including Bernard Hopkins, Meldrick Taylor, and Tim Weatherspoon. In 1999 it was voted the Number One Boxing Venue in the World by the readers of Ring magazine. The Horizon is also used for a variety of parties and cabarets, but in its 143 year history, it has never played host to a major trivia event. Until Saturday, March 29th, 2008, when history will be made in a building already rich on it. BUY TICKETS NOW or see me tonight at quizzo.

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