Quizzo News and Notes


  • Only One Version of Quizzo This Week! In other words, you can only play once this week. I just have too much stuff to do to get ready for Quizzo Bowl to write up two sets of questions.
  • UPDATE: D-Mac to host wild card round at the Bards Thursday night. Should be pretty hilarious.
  • Speaking of D-Mac, he and I teamed up with some lovely ladies to finish a disappointing 5th at Irish John’s quizzo on Sunday night (that’s us dejected, above, after the loss). But I rebounded on Monday, as Gabe and I joined Palestra Jon’s team and set a new Dark Horse scoring record, missing only one question (In what country was St. Patrick born? We put Wales, and it was England).
  • I will have tickets on me tonight at quizzo, so get your team right and get your tickets tonight.

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