Quizzo Bowl IV…It’s On!

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BUY TICKETS HERE. First of all, what we already knew: Quizzo Bowl IV will be held on Saturday, March 29th at the Legendary Blue Horizon on 1314 North Broad Street at 8 p.m. But now’s the time to give you guys the scoop on what is going to be one of the most amazing shows in Philadelphia in 2008.

elvis_sing.jpg Headlining the show will be the biggest legend to ever hail from Johnny’s hometown of Nassawadox, VA: Black Elvis (aka Clearance Giddens). Black Elvis has been entertaining folks in Eastern Virginia for over 15 years, and reached the pinnacle of his fame in 1992 with an appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show and a role in the movie Honeymoon in Vegas. He continued to make occasional appearances on the Shore afterwards, but has only recently decided to begin a full fledged comeback, similar to the one that white Elvis undertook in 1968. Clearance begins his comeback at Quizzo Bowl IV.

Doing a show in a building that had the word “legendary” in the title meant that my halftime act could only be one man: the Legendary WID. Wid used to sell out shows regularly at the historic Bottom Line in New York in the 1980s and has appeared on television countless times, from the old days on Make Me Laugh to a recent appearance on Fox’s 30 Seconds to Fame. Moreover, Wid is viewed as a legend by essentially every young comedian in the Philadelphia area, because not only is his brand of comedy sheer genius, but he goes out of his way to encourage and help new comedians in the local area. To see a bit of one of the Wid’s performances, click here. Opening for the WID will be longtime Johnny Goodtimes contributer and the 3rd place finisher in Philly’s funniest competition last year, Chip Chantry.
And who is helping to make this event possible and keep ticket prices at a minimum? Zipcar has agreed to help sponsor the Quizzo Bowl, as have Sly Fox and Foobooz. Zipcar is a company that allows people to rent a car for a few hours at a time, and everything can be done online. When you sign up, you get a Zipcard. Once you have a Zipcard, you just make a reservation online, walk up to the car, unlock it with your Zipcard, and drive off. Gas and insurance are included. Pretty kool. The Locust Rendezvous, perhaps the most affordable bar in Center City, located at Broad and Locust, is also helping keep ticket prices to a minimum. As most of you know, Foobooz is Philadelphia’s premiere food and beverage website, run by one Mr. Trivia Art. The website has quickly established itself as a favorite of local gourmets and gourmands alike, and has received high praise from the City Paper, Philly Mag, and Philly Style Mag. Our third sponsor is Sly Fox Beer, who are going to provide the booze! Sly Fox opened their brewery and restaurant in Phoenixville in 1995, and have since expanded to Royersford. The brewery’s beers have medalled twice at the Great American Beer Festival and Sly Fox was named 3rd best brewpub in America on beeradvocate.com in 2003 and was named Best Brewery in Philadelphia by Philly Mag in 2004. The Beauty Shop Cafe, located on the corner of 20th and Fitzwater, is a great little coffee shop with great coffee, great tea (tea’s my new thing, trying to slow down on the coffee), and great snacks. The Philadelphia Pretzel Factory is cutting me a great deal on soft pretzels for snacks.

To purchase tickets, you can either click here or buy them from me at the various quizzos I perform at during the week.

For more info about Quizzo Bowl IV, click here. If you still have any questions, please contact me.

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