Outrage! JGT Gets Stabbed in the Back by Philly Weekly

A few months ago, the Weekly approached me and asked me to tell them my 10 favorite bars for their upcoming “Beer Issue”. I happily obliged (free of charge, mind you), then today I opened it up to see which bars made the cut. I’m reading through when I came to this little gem: Fergie’s Pub. Philly’s Best quizzo (sorry Johnny Goodtimes) on Tuesday and Thursday nights… Now, this is no Philly Style Mag/Kildare’s situation. I have nothing but respect for Pat Hines, the Godfather of Philly quizzo, and nothing but love for Fergie’s, which is truly a great bar. And I’m sure that “Who hosts a better quiz, Pat or JGT?” is a perfectly legitimate argument. But not here. Not when I was a contributer to the freaking report. Rude! They also had Art and Tommy Up help with this report, and nowhere did I see that they were Philly’s 2nd best food blogger or 2nd best party promoter. Anyways, Philly Weekly, if you wanna make it up to me, I’ll let you know how. Just contact me.

BONUS THREAT! D-Mac, if you want to see Season 2 of Gladiators amongst friends without being forced to partake in a little something I like to call the “Hit and Run”, you had better make sure this gets cleared up.

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