Toughest Questions from last Week

1. You may be surprised to realize that this still popular actor made his silver screen debut in Rebel Without a Cause.

2. This actor, who became a sitcom star from 1986-1993, made his screen debut in Risky Business.

3. The famous line “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” came in an ad for what brand of shampoo?

4. You’ll find Times Square on the corner of Broadway, 42nd, and what numbered avenue?

5. Who was the 3rd VP of the United States?

6. Basketball wasn’t the only sport invented in Massachusettes in the 1890s. What other popular team sport was founded a year after basketball?

7. What is diazapam better known as?

8. The center of our galaxy lies in this constellation, between scorpio and Capricorn. It is one of the signs of the zodiac.

9. This 2007 comedy is the only ilm this year to be nominated for both an Oscar and a Razzie.

10. The scientific name for the shinbone is what?

  1. Dennis Hopper
  2. Bronson Pinchot
  3. Pantene
  4. 7th
  5. Aaron Burr
  6. volleyball
  7. Valium
  8. Sagittarius
  9. Norbit
  10. tibia

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