Things Are Looking Up

Went and checked out both Houston Hall and the Armory today. Houston Hall is a bit more pleasing aesthetically, though the Armory holds more people. So I need to do the math and see which one makes more sense. We’ve sold out at 300 at the WCL the past three years, so a part of me wants to see if we can get 400. Houston Hall will probably hold right around 300. I need to send proposals to both and see which one works out. I think we’re probably looking at an early March kickoff either way. Houston Hall only has an opening for March 8. I think that is Penn’s spring break. Is that gonna cost us a lot of people? I know we have a decent amount of Penn profs, but I dunno if they really go anywhere for Spring Break, and we don’t really have that many Penn students. Anyways, things are looking up. Hopefully we’ll have a venue by Christmas.

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