Nevermind, Things Are Looking Grim

Rowand’s gone. The San Francisco Giants came in with a 5 year deal, something the Phillies simply couldn’t match. It is an absolute shame to let the guy go, although I really think it is folly to sign him to a five year deal. He’ll be 36 by the time the contract runs out. Pretty old for a center fielder. That being said, this is no bueno. Rowand was a true gamer who laid it all on the line every single game, and the difference in intensity between when he was the leader of that outfield and when Abreu ran it is night and day. The full speed run into the fence is a Philadelphia legend that will improve with time, as when we’re old timers, we’ll tell anyone who will listen that “The Phillies once had a centerfielder who broke every bone above his waist to catch a fly ball.” This leaves the Phils with Shane Victorino in center and Jayson Werth in right. Lots of hustle but no power and no leadership. The Lidge move was nice, but this team will start the upcoming season worse than it ended last year unless they make another big move. And really, what move can they make? I don’t see any exciting free agents.
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