Should the Eagles Trade Westbrook?

This is brought to us by my good friend Duff:
The time will come, sooner than later, when Westbrook will not be the jaw dropper he is today. Two years, maybe three left. So since Kolb is three or four years from taking us somewhere (he really looks good from the nanosecond I saw), we should get top $$$ and picks while we can. The only medium term issue is maintaining the offensive line and not losing the corners. The rest can be turned over as we develop Kolb but we need to dump Westbrook or we may win just enough games to avoid a decent pick and damage Westbrook just enough to make him worthless in a trade.

I happen to agree. This team is going nowhere but down for several years, and there is no reason to make Westbrook suffer through the rebuilding. Philly has a habit of holding onto their stars until they are no longer valuable, then trading them for nothing (Abreu, Iverson, etc.). But in this case, it’s time to call this what it is. A bad team playing for next years draft. Let’s start losing, get rid of our only valuable asset for numerous draft picks, and try to build the team thru the draft like the early 90s Cowboys. Of course, with Andy’s drafting record, that might not work either.

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