Quizzo News and Notes

-JGT begins quizzo at Temple tonight. His quizzo at the Draught Horse (1431 Cecil B. Moore Avenue) begins at 8 p.m.

Bounty Bowl at the Bards on Tuesday. The Sofa Kingdom has won 5 straight Tuesday night matchups and must be taken out. $20 cash bonus (on top of $40 gift certificate) to any team that can pull the upset.

-Since the apparent retirements of Satan’s Minions and Yes You Can’t, there has been a power vacuum at the Black Sheep. Though Duane’s World is the strongest team there currently, Philly Hardcore has started to make a name for itself, and any team has a chance.

-The other venue that is wide slam open is Good Dog, back in action this week after taking a week off for renovations. If you have a team that is solid but not immortal and still want the glory and the gift certificate that come with a victory, I would suggest the Dawg.

-Looking to try some new beers? I highly recommend O’Neals, one of the underrated beer spots in the city. Lots of unique beers on draft and over 100 bottles. The competition is tough, but as the Cornbread Mafia proved this past week, anything is possible.

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